Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yeah. So I've been busy. And neglecting my little blog (s). But I have good reasons...Promise! Just not any that are necessarily very interesting. Anyhoo. I thought I'd at least take a little time this afternoon. 15 minutes. I've given myself 15 minutes to write and then it's on to the next thing.  Actually, I am so time stressed I made a list of what I need to get done today and decided to add a little "blogging time"...along with "starring at the wall time." So here are some random no particular order.

1. We are in mourning at the Teague home today. I made a special trip to a little grocery store in the middle of town to pick up The Studly Muffin's favorite brand of buttermilk (yes, he's a big fan of buttermilk). The little store doesn't sell it anymore. In fact, we aren't sure where they sell it. And that won't do people! Troy without buttermilk is like Tiger without his putter, Jeff without his steering wheel and just won't do. I'd could come up with more sports-type analogies, but you wouldn't believe a word of it. And frankly, I can't think of any unless I start talking figure skating. It's just best I don't go there.

2. I understand why people hire personal assistants. Is it really bad that I need a personal assistant to help me get through the day? And not because I am extremely overloaded...I'm just sorta overloaded. But it would be great to have somebody to do all that other stuff for me. By other stuff I mean "Stuff I Don't Want To Do."

3. Do you ever have those days when everything seems like so much work. I had to run and get some milk after I picked up Josiah at the Y this afternoon. I went to the little store that usually has Troy's buttermilk and discovered the travesty of the ages there and didn't want to pay $4 a gallon for milk so  I went to a different spot. Traffic in this part of town happened to be awful. I took one look at it and headed in the opposite direction. Only trouble was that I am not as familiar in the "opposite direction" and wound up going a mile out of my way (an exaggeration, at least I hope so). But it was so evident that we weren't heading towards home that Josiah asked from the back seat "Are we in St. Louis?" St. Louis is nearly 4 hours from us. But it was a big fat hairy deal. All to save .50.

4. Okay. So I knew that it was supposed to be cooler today. It was cooler yesterday. But when I went out today I walked out in a pair of cutoff sweat pants, t-shirt and my flip flops. There were people bundled up in their coats downtown today. Common people! Just because it's 62 doesn't mean it's time to put on the parkas and snow boots. Am I the only pre-menopausal woman in the city? It felt marvelous to me!

So my 15 minutes is up. I need to go do something productive.

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