Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This and That: The Fall Edition

You can tell we are gearing up for the Holiday season by the crazy glint in my eye. I put my fall decorations up last week. My big Fall Bucket is still in the living room floor, but it is just keeping company with the box of clothes to take to the kid's resale shop and my cold winter clothes. I need an extra room just organize in! I'm sure some of you can relate. Those of you who don't live in temperate climates can't understand the ritual that those of us who live with the weather changes go through. I'm just afraid by the time I get my act together it will be time to do it all over again.

So as I have stated in previous posts, my laptop is currently out of commission. Actually, it is my laptop cord that is out of commission. It caught fire and is presently at my parent's house waiting in the "Daddy Do This For Me Pile." Unfortunately, my Daddy is doing a little too much right now and my laptop cord is not a priority. So currently I am using The Studly Muffin's desktop. And I recently discovered that it takes my little camera card! Praise Be! So I decided I would share a hodge podge of pictures I downloaded tonight.I meant to take pictures of my Fall Decorating Frenzy, but my camera ran out of battery juice. More on that later.

We started out September by celebrating my Dad's B-Day. Here is the Birthday Boy himself. He was wearing a party hat, but I think he snatched it off when he realized I was snapping pictures. Not that he has much pride.

There is this whole situation from earlier in the summer. And yes. I did some photo magic.

Josiah started swimming lessons in September, too. This was his very first lesson. We are now in his second month and have plans to continue. He's quite excited about swimming. Excuse my picture. I took it from  other side of the pool. I sit over by the swim team. They splash more and I can pretend I am at the beach...plus, the constant spray of water soothes my per-menopasual hot flashes.  True Story.

He can do some wonderful swimming stuff now. His teacher is wonderful. He absolutely adores her. I wonder if she makes house calls?

Later in September my mom, a friend from church (Terri) and I spent a couple of nights in Eureka Springs. It was a beautiful fall weekend. And then there was this.

Yes. You are looking at hundreds of motorcycles. Apparently, 40,000 of them were tooting back and forth across North West Arkansas that particular weekend. Do you realize how hard it is to sleep with 40,000 motorcyclist tooting anywhere? Bless Their Hearts. My left eye will occasionally start to twitch when I hear the roar of a motorcycle now. Bless Their Hearts.

This was the little cabin we stayed in. It is in what is called the "Tree House Village." It was quite nice. It had 2 flat screen TV's and big comfy bed and a whirlpool tub. Unfortunately, it was not sound proof. Have I told you how loud 40,000 motorcycles can be?

This is my Mom (on the right) and Terri (on the left). They are both as cute as they can be. And easy traveling companions. They let me have Chinese food twice in one weekend.  Do you hear that, My Studly Muffin? Other people like Chinese Food, too. Sorry. It's just a conversation Troy and I have everytime we go out to eat. Troy: Where do you want to eat? Me: Sushi or Cashew Chicken. Troy: We eat Chinese all the time. Me: We ate it last month! Troy: Nobody wants to eat Chinese food that often!

I had told you I was going to explain why my camera had run out of battery charge and this is why. My son hijacked my camera.

He orginally wanted to use it to document his wish list for his birthday (at the end of November). So he took this and a number of other pictures for his "wish list." Kind of clever, don't you think? And No. I am not going to pay 53.75 for yet another set of Indiana Jones guys.

At any point in his picture taking adventures, you can always count on a "Nostril Shot."  This is one is from this evening.  There were others.Most of them looked like this.

This nostril shot is actually from several months ago. Goofy Kid. 
Now this is more like it. Not that I don't appreciate pictures of my son with any facial expression. But he sure is pretty. And a little Kooky. But he comes by the Kookyness honestly.

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