Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When the Roll is called (I'll be there)

It's almost the big day. Turkey Day. Tomorrow morning we are heading out to spend the a few days with The Studly Muffin's Fam. I am in charge of rolls. At least I have put myself in charge of rolls. Homemade rolls. I don't mind using Rhodes rolls in a pinch. But there is something pretty satisfying about making your own bread. I decided I was going to try out one or two different recipes before I unleashed my roll making skills upon the In-Laws.

I first tried Paula Deen's recipe for Easy Yeast Rolls. They remind me of Angel Biscuits. They were really simple to make, but not as "grand" as I wanted. They were yummy though. Josiah ate several...which in itself is a pretty big deal.

My next and final experiment was a copycat recipe of the famous "Lambert's Throwed Rolls." I live just miles from Lambert's in Ozark, Mo. They specialized in home cooking. But their claim to fame is the fabulous dinner rolls they throw at you while you eat. I can assure you it that it is not as violent as it sounds. It's all in good fun. Nobody I know has ever been seriously wounded. Though a few rolls have been lost.

I used this recipe that I found here. This is how my turned out. I think I used a little more flour than I needed. It's easy to do when making rolls. Next time I am going to add my flour a little at a time.

They were still pretty yummy. Though I did miss the experience of having someone tossing me one. Maybe we should start a new tradition at Thanksgiving. Or maybe not.

I posted last night how Josiah had hijacked the camera (you can read about it here) and I found pictures of a dozen blue men ready to take over the world. I found some more today.

This time they brought friends.

And this time it doesn't look pretty. It appears that they have pilfered through my cabinet leaving destruction in their wake.Josiah told me that it is a Raging Inferno. I'm sorry to say that a Power Ranger has succumbed. In a side note it also appears that Mr. Spock (the old Mr. Spock from the new movie) has arrived on the scene (extreme right)...Captain Kirk shouldn't be far behind. All is not lost. I can rest better tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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