Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When the Roll is called (I'll be watching a tutorial)

I posted last night about searching for a good dinner roll recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner. Bread making is not as difficult as it might seem...I have been making bread (sans bread machine) since I was a young teenager. There are methods that will guarantee nice and fluffy rolls. I don't mind a bread machine at all. I use one frequently. There is just something about getting your hands into it.

The rolls I made last night were delicious, but a little heavy. I found this youtube video on breadmaking so I could kind of brush up on my bread making skills. Though my recipe is different the technique is tried and true.

As I suspected I had added a little more flour than necessary and I didn't properly even out the portion sizes of my rolls. They didn't turn out as high as I wanted them to. This particular youtube contributor has also uploaded several videos on making a variety of dinner roll shapes from the bread dough.

Can't you just smell the fresh bread baking in the oven? Bring on the butter!

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