Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Handmade Christmas: "Owl" Be Here (for you)

Where has December gone? Wherever it went it took some of my sanity with it :<). I head into the Holiday season fully armed with tactics to help make me come through intact with all my marbles. Unfortunately, I still manage to loose a few...when will I ever learn? Oh well. I should probably just embrace the crazy.

As promised I am posting pics of the rest of my little owl pillows. (My first batch can be found here) I finally finished the rest of them this week.  My pictures aren't great. I need to piddle around with my camera some more. I've only had it a year. Sadly, my "piddle" time is pretty limited.

I made these owls entirely from scraps I had on hand. I love using what I have on makes me feel productive and domestic and enterprising. And it makes The Studly Muffin happy. There are less trips to the fabric store :<)

This guy is for a nephew. I used denim for his head and plaid wool for his trim and his back. His body and wings are actually shirts (donated by The Studly Muffin (aka my hubby) and my dad). Dad's gray shirt had sheet rock mud in various spots. I am not sure if he knows Mom gave it to me to use...Surprise!

Just days after I had finished my other little owls....not to mention the dozen or so aprons I had whipped mom came across a forgotten treasure. Some sweet old lady had given her piles of vintage quilting blocks and fabric. It was all I could do not to redo all my previous projects to include these treasures. This little gal is sporting a vintage quilt block tummy. The little do-dah in her ear is also from the vintage stock.  Her head, wings and back are made from scraps I had from some of my apron making.

I used some more of the quilting blocks on this one too. I also used some of the vintage fabric for her wings. Even the yo-yo I made is from that same collection.  My little owls seemed destined to always have wonky noses. If I were smart and planned better I would tack the nose down initially with a straight pin or something before I stitch it. If I were smart and planned better. You can also see my freaky pinkie finger shadow...I must extend my pinkie finger when I take pictures. That's just plain weird.

This one is for a niece. My pic is a little fuzzy. I can see now that I forgot to attach a button to the flower in her ear...Oops. This fabric is leftover from an apron I made.

Another blurry picture! This little guy is for my little guy. He is similar to the owl I made for my nephew, but I used some Nascar fabric (I just had a little piece in my scrapbag) for his head.

So that's "owl" for now (hah!) My sewing machine is going back into the closet for a little while. I cleaned off the dining room table and quickly filled it up with baked Christmas goodies. Sigh.


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