Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Polar Express Lapbook

Have I mentioned how much I love Lapbooking? I have promised before that one day I will share my Lapbooking tips and tricks. Right now (as we throw ourselves headlong into the Christmas season) I want to share some of Josiah's Christmas Lapbooks with you.

One of our favorite Christmas books and movies is The Polar Express. Josiah loves it so much that he started watching it this year back in July. When we first read the book and watched the movie (waay back in the day) he went around with a hole punch asking to punch your ticket.

We did this lapbook the year after the movie came out (I think). I can't remember all of the resources I used (it's been a while), but I did purchase A Guide For Using the Polar Express in the Classroom from There are other Polar Express resources on in a variety of prices.

There are tons (and I mean tons) of resources online to create your lapbook. Just google "The Polar Express Lapbook" or "The Polar Express Unit."

This is the front cover. Josiah never got around to coloring it, but it made a simple cover.

The view as you open the book. I made this Lapbook into more of a Storybook.

The pocket contains a few little readers. Again...Not sure where I got all my stuff. This was probably his 1st Grade year. He's in 4th now. It's been a while.

The little pocket (which I made out of vellum) has characters from the book.

The next page. Another pocket. This time with a puzzle.

The great things about Unit Studies is that you can incorporate so much into what you are studying. Here I listed his spelling words and vocabulary words. Then there is also a book that has an Science experiement about sound.

The next page is Social Studies. I do remember that in January we read Mr. Popper's Penguins and did an absolutely adorable lapbook about Penguins. I just continued the study on Polar Regions.
You can also see "Ama's Recipe For Hot Chocolate." My mom (Ama) has a terrific Hot Chocolate Recipe and we made it and served it for our special viewing of The Polar Express (complete with tickets).

This little guy came from a book of Christmas Teacher helps I have.

The last page is a game that uses the information we learned studying about The Polar Regions. I'm pretty sure it is in A Guide For Using the Polar Express in the Classroom.

Back of the book.

Hope this helps!

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