Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Into The Deep

Excuse me. I have an announcement to make. Josiah made it to the deep end of the pool during swim lessons today! That was one big fat hairy deal. He had made a whole list of arguments on why swimming to what he refers to as "The Deep" was unacceptable (shark infestations and possible water contamination both made the list). But, thanks to the encouragement of his swim teachers and the bribe of a Big Mac he made it.

In honor of the occasion I thought I would post this never before seen photographic gem. It was also lurking in my photos of odds and ends I intend to share from time to time. I was attempting to take a picture of our Christmas tree this year. I got more than I bargained for. Josiah howled when he saw this picture. Nothing funnier than a random foot in front of a Christmas tree, apparently.

I just love this kid. Today he asked my thoughts on Joseph Stalin. What? Is he getting up and studying up on the Bolsheviks and The Russian Revolution while I'm asleep? Of course, you do realize that this is the same boy who gave us this.

And this.  Notice the Scotch Tape Armor?

Yup. We are raising quite The Guy.



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