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Meal Plan Monday - March 12

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I've got to keep this quick. This is one of those weeks that screams "Are You Kidding Me?" I've done it to myself. We are going to have 2 of my little nieces (My Little Bro's youngest) for most of the week. They are on spring break and want to come to Aunt Beke's to "whoop it up." I'm good at "whooping." We'll have all have a marvelous time, but in the meantime I still have to cart Josiah to all his activities and what not. It's the "What Not" I'm worried about.

And (drum roll, please) I am turning the big "4-0" this week. (shhh. Don't tell anyone) Our small group at church last night had a little party for me, complete with cheese cake and nachos. Yum. I could have cheese cake and nachos every night of the week. But I won't.

Instead. I'm going to have this stuff.

Monday: Mexican Mess. I found this recipe on a blog I read regularly. It's a crockpot dish that you serve over tortilla chips. I am making it a little lighter for our needs. But between swim and family water aerobics and hosting 2 little girls I thought this sounded like a perfect solution for a crazy Monday.

Tuesday: Bacon Ranch Turkey Tenderloin. Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus. This is a repeat meal. I have a few of these turkey tenderloins in the freezer. I'm planning on spending Tuesday at the park and then the Movie Theatre, but this meal won't be to hard to put together.

Wednesday: Who knows? "It's my birthday and I'll make what I want to, I'll make what I want to..."
I'm letting my whims take me wherever...which is always a bit dangerous.

Thursday: Slowcooker Corned Beef and Cabbage. So it's technically not St. Patty's Day. And while I do have a bit of the Irish floating through my Ancestral Gene Pool, I can't claim this as my own holiday. If that were the case I would also have to celebrate Bastille Day, Boxing Day and host the occasional Pow Wow. Anyhoo. Back to the Corned Beef. It's on sale now at the Grocery and I love cooking it in the Crockpot. This recipe has Ale, but if you can always just use water or chicken broth.

Friday: Chicken Strips (homemade), Sweet Potato Fries. Family Night!

The rest of the weekend will be spent at my parent's farm.

Later this week (if I have time) I'll post some cute video I took of my Baby Sister little girls singing with my Mom. They live in OHHH-Klahoma and were visiting last week so I got to see them. And I have a cute tutorial for a 321 cake (microwave) I plan on making with the 2 nieces who are coming to visit.

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