Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picture This

Yippee! I was blessed today with an early birthday present. A new camera! My old camera had succumbed to the cares of this world and recently reached it's final resting place (an electronic junk drawer). My sweet Mom-in-law bought me a new one. I'm so excited (and I just can't hide it). I spent the afternoon just playing and trying out all the bells and whistles. This camera also has a video recorder. I took video, but promptly erased it. I thought it was just a bad picture! Oh well. I assure you it was something special.

I started my picture taking Odyssey at Swim Lessons earlier this evening. What is cool about my New Camera is that I was sitting on the other side of the pool. I didn't have to move. My old camera couldn't handle the distance.

(I interrupt this New Camera review with this very important message)
 Josiah wants to point out that he is in the "deep." He is still not convinced he isn't going to have to do battle with a Great White Shark (circa 1975 Jaws) at some point.  And no. I did not let him watch Jaws. He's a big Steven Spielberg fan and has memorized Steven's greatest "hits."

Josiah's long suffering Swim Teacher. And Josiah. Doing his front float.

He's just too cute.

I'm not sure what they were doing here. Jordan looks like she needs an Excedrin. Those 2 little giggly girls in the corner are something else. Jordan is an elementary ed major at MSU. She is wonderful. She also needs to work on her Mean Teacher Face.

Josiah asked me the other day if he gets to go to the Olympics. I assured him that the Olympic dream could be his, but I have a feeling he is going to be disappointed when he isn't marching in the Opening Ceremonies this summer in London. I think he intends to go. Now.

I snapped this picture while Josiah was watching TV. Typical guy. You see that he also in possession of the remote control. It starts young, my friends.

And of course. Josiah had to try out the new camera. Hey my little army friends! It's been too long! Did you miss us! Try not to focus on the mess in the background. I know I'm doing my best to ignore his whole room.


  1. How exciting to have a new camera! :o) Josiah is SO cute! Can't get over it! LOL! Oh, and the title of your blog is a name I had considered for a photography business. :o)

  2. He is cute! I can't take any credit for it, of course ;<) You are such a great photographer, Mindy. I still have pictures that you took of Josiah when he was just 2.


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