Friday, March 23, 2012


I'm currently a Tutu Making Machine. And I have pictures to prove it. Well, a few pictures. I have some pictures of a tutu. I have some more pictures of more tutus that aren't currently in possession.

Get it? I also just downloaded the new version of Picasa. I've been playing with all the new filters and you will have to excuse my pics. I've gone a little crazy.

Anyhoo. I've been making birthday tutus for my younger nieces. And it just so happened that this particular niece turned 9 this week. Her favorite colors are blue. None of that pink fluff for Alexandra.

That's Josiah finger in this picture. He thought it was hysterical to put his hand in front of the picture. He's easy to entertain :<). This is actually the back of the Tutu (but you can wear the ribbon in the front if you wish). I like making them with ribbons as the waist band. Using ribbons allow you to adjust the size as you need to.  Plus it adds a little bling.

My Mom and Dad drove in to take Alex to supper for her birthday. They then drove over to my house so she could get her birthday tutu surprise. This is my bathroom. Just pretend it's not my bathroom. 

Oh the magic of the Tutu! She twirled and posed and pranced!

And twirled and pranced and posed some more.

Now this is the life. Viva el Tutu!

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