Monday, April 9, 2012

Fishin' (and Reflecting)

I meant to post a menu to Monday Meal Plans. Really. But seeing as most of my meal plan involves such culinary delights as Grilled Cheese, PB&J & some boxed Mac and Cheese...My emergency meals all in one week!

I have many excuses. One is that I just feel puny. Both Josiah and I have been battling a Spring Bug. And I don't mean the cute little ladybug variety. Plus, I can sum up the last few weeks in such a few words...AAHH! UHHHGG! BLLLLLGGGG! Okay. I recognize those aren't words. But they certainly characterize my mood.

So what do people do when faced with struggles, crisis after crisis and the old moody blues? (Besides take it to God) This girl visits her hair lady, has a pedicure and does some power shopping at her favorite thrift stores.

Sadly I was outvoted. We went fishing with my brother and nephew. .

I am the only girl in the house. And I'm weak, people! Weak! But don't be sad for me. I was raised in the Cun-tree and as long as I have my Kindle and a comfy place to rest my hiney I'm good. Plus there is something about being out in the great outdoors early in the morning. It does a body good. And it was a much needed respite.

 I wish I would have gotten a picture of the bait shop we stopped at. All you city folks wouldn't believe me if I told you. There is nothing like the local bait shop. They usually have a little bit of everything, but more minnows and beer than anything. This particular bait shop had a restroom. Unfortunately, it hadn't seen a bottle of Lysol in quite some time. And toilet paper? Let's just say I need to start carrying my own. I walked out of the bait shop smelling like I had smoked a pack of cigarettes. And I don't smoke.

There is nothing like the calm of a spring morning at the lake. A guy just needs a pole in his hand and a good spot to cast it in.

And who knows what you might find? Fossils, frogs, strange bugs. The world is an discovery land.

The jumping of the fish, calls of the birds....It reminded me how incredible God's creation is. He made everything. How beautiful is His handiwork!

The cares of life seem so insignificant considering all this.

And here in the quiet of the morning. On a little lake in Missouri. I can rest.

And take joy in what God has blessed me with.

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  1. Blessings.

    And LOL about the meal menu of PB and J and boxed macaroni. (That's the kind of cooking that I end up with sometimes, too.)


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