Monday, April 30, 2012

A REEL Good Time!

I know. I've been negligent of my little blog here. Instead of hitting you with my very long (and pitiful) list of excuses, I will just plunge back in like I never left.

Last week we finished off a semester of PE (at one of our local Universities) with a field trip to the Bass Pro Corporate pond here in town. Yep. Bass Pro has a couple of corporate ponds. They are stocked with fish and are home to dozens of Canadian Geese. It's a catch and release situation. For all you non fishing folk out there that means you can catch them, but you have to throw them back in.

That was okay. One of the moms arranged for the Bass Pro Cafe people (not sure what it's called) to cater a fish dinner for us. Lots of fun. The Studly Muffin went with us. Which was so much fun for the both of them. I sat in my camper chair, shot a few pics and chatted with moms and grandmas alike.  Which possibly explains my less than focused pictures.

My Fishin' guys caught 7 fish in about 45 minutes!

Success! Actually this was fish number 3. Fish number 3 was a perch (Troy called him a Blue Gill). Fish number 3 was also a little dense. 'Cause Fish number 3 was also Fish number 4.

Daddy thought this was a great spot. The wind thought it was too. It kept blowing Josiah's line into the branches.

Everybody needs a personal "lemme get that line out of the tree for ya" guy.

Another catch. Notice the little bitty in the back with her stuffed critter? Too cute! guys. I'm blessed my friends...that's all there is to it. I wish I would have taken pictures of some of our sweet friends and more of the good times we had that day...What can I say? A girl can't do a whole lot of pictures with a yummy, greasy piece of fish in her hands!

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