Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Plan

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. You see, the qualities that have helped me survive infertility, a traumatic car accident, heart failure and other disappointments have also helped contribute to my weight loss failures.

I have a "Happy Place"'s a place I go when the pain is unbearable or when a situation has become more than I can handle. I've always had a vivid imagination. And that imagination has helped me imagine more than what I can see with my physical eyes. I can see all the possibilities. Unfortunately, it also helps me not face up to some real issues I need to deal with.

Another issue has been my spontaneity. I don't know if I have always been spontaneous or if it is a reaction to my brushes with my own mortality. But I am really good with living in the moment. I can be impulsive and often give in to my cravings, whims and gut instincts.

Here is the rub. I have found with weight loss you need to PLAN. You need to be prepared. You have to know what you are going to eat for Breakfast. For Lunch. For Supper. And Snacks. You need to have your workout shoes ready and available. And it needs to be a priority. You can't be swayed by every craving or whim. It's all about the PLAN, people!

I am going to talk more about my own personal strategies about all of these things some more, but for now I wanted to list a few helps that have made it easier for me....especially initially. Maybe one of these will help somebody.

1.I am accountable, yet still have freedom to choose. I record all of my eating and exercise at It's FREE. It's easy to use and it has tons of resources. I have read articles, used exercise videos, tried recipes...and I don't have to worry about it coming from our budget. It also makes me more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth.

2. I can be creative. I use recipes from This is an awesome site. I love to cook, but I really think this site is for even those who aren't fond of cooking. She gives not only calories and other nutritional info, but she gives points for those on Weight Watchers.

3. I have support and resources. My terrific Studly Muffin of a husband set me up with a yoga mat, some resistance bands and a couple of light weights. I go to the Y all the time, but I now have things on hand I can easily use in a work out. I also use Netflix exercise videos weekly and have even played Just Dance with Josiah to get my "groove" on. Because I have so many physical limitations I have had to be a bit more creative with my exercise. There are even exercise videos on the Spark People website that are done in a chair.

4. I am well-prepared, so I don't have a chance for excuses. Every Monday, my hubby helps me chop veggies and fruit. I make my breakfasts for the week, lunches and make sure I have what I need. This way I am not tempted by my impulsiveness ("I can't find that sounds good today...I will head on down to Sonic and get an order of cheese tots"). Years ago, when I was recovering from a massive car accident (I was bed bound for months and had to learn to walk again) I would frequently send my husband down to a local hamburger joint for a Fried Chicken Salad. They were so good. And because I felt just a bit sorry for myself it made the extra calories okay. Only trouble is I guarantee that the daily Fried Chicken Salad contributed to quite a few extra pounds I did not need. Now I keep tasty meals in my fridge that not only satisfy, but keep me on track.

That's it for today. I'm getting ready to snack on my 100 calorie bag of popcorn :<)

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  1. I totally understand feeling sorry for yourself and sending the hubby to sonic for the food, only difference is I send the hubby to McDonalds. Glad to read that things are working in your favor losing weight, i have been walking 1 - 2 times a day for the past week just trying to build my energy level back up and i know the exercise couldn't hurt, as i need to drop some weight.In a couple weeks I may be back at work almost full time again, i will yell at you and see if you want to meet for a salad somewhere:) Lavonna


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