Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's Up. Or Down.

So once again I am apologizing for neglecting my little blog. It seems to be an ongoing theme for me this summer...along with having to pay for lost library books and a ridiculous urge to practice my forward, backward, tucked and whacked flip thingy. I don't know about you, but I will watch all sorts of things during the Olympics that I would never even think to check out at any other time. Today I watched some water polo and volleyball. What? I don't like all. Every time anybody hit the ball I ducked. And I realize I haven't posted the rest of the Cousin Camp pics yet. What is with me? It's like I have a life or something?!

I do have good excuses this time, my friends. I have been busy losing weight! Yep. I've been hesitant to even talk about it. For one, this (long) battle has been such a struggle...a disappointing and heartbreaking struggle. And I've had so many efforts that have been unsuccessful. It's hard to be too transparent when you feel that you will just fail again anyway...for whatever reason. I am not going to get into the saga of why I gained weight in the first place (at least not right now), but I am going to try and be honest about my journey as I face each day. I have a few really tricky issues. I'll talk about some of them soon.

Since Memorial Weekend of this year (2012) I have lost 29 pounds..I am down 3 sizes...And while I have still a long way to go I am excited to see daily progress. This is pretty much a miracle. One day soon I'll have to tell you exactly why.

Any kind of lifestyle change is an effort. And every day has it's own challenges. Today my challenge was fatigue. I think I've been trying to catch a bug and my "bug" likes starches. But I resisted. I even drove through McD's on our way home from church to treat Josiah to an ice cream cone and I ordered a Diet Coke. The French Fries were tempting and teasing...wiggling provocatively from the menu. I don't care if I now know I can get a small fry for under 400 calories. Today wasn't a day to  give in to my cravings. Instead I rewarded myself with a bowl of fresh cut strawberries topped with a few melted chocolate chips. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I can face my day without any regrets from the day before...I don't have to have any "do overs." There will be other days when it will be worth the cheat...a special celebration...a treat with friends. Just to eat them because I feel like comforting my achy body with salt and grease isn't good enough today. Don't get me wrong..I love the salt. And the grease. It's just that I like the way I'm claiming back my life and my body better.


  1. Yay for you!! That's an incredible amount of weight lost! I'm excited to hear more about it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Awesome job! I miss you my friend! I wish we were closer so we could hang out. Keep up the good work! : )

    Love Ya!

  3. Sounds like i need to know what your secret is to losing weight, i need to drop some weight for sure. Miss you! Lavonna

  4. Aw...Thanks my friends. It's a good feeling.


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