Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Apron Maker

I'm blogging so I must be trying to avoid a tedious chore. Or several tedious chores.

It's not that I don't regret not blogging more as of late...I really do. But I'm so stinking busy!!! And I've decided to share the evidence.

I mentioned during a previous post that I have become your neighborhood Happy Apron Maker. Pretty much a fluke kinda thing. Well. Let me tell ya. I am thinking about changing my name to Rebekah "Happy Apron Maker" Teague. Apparently, I'm quite the hit. Who knew?

I had several orders to fill this week. So I set up camp at my dining room table (which is preferable to the balcony...though that location might be easier on my family). And proceeded to Sew. And sew. And sew. And sew. I did make sure my family had nourishment (peanut butter counts).

I would take a picture of the scene of the crime (my dining room), but I'm pretty sure somebody would call Clean House or something on me....and I don't wish to be humiliated on national television. Not at least this week. I might change my mind. At this point I can still locate my son and my keys.

I thought I would show some pics of my creations. They are already in their new homes. I feel like a momma sending her kiddos out into the world.

Speaking of kiddos. This is my pride and joy. And it wouldn't be a day at our house without a self-photo by this guy. He's too cool for school.

These were some of the first ones I cranked out this go around. And this is my pitiful attempt to take pictures of them. Like my fashionable plastic hanger?

My tags. Created by me. Don't hold it against me.

We interrupt this shameless Apron promotion to bring you another photo by one Josiah Bevan. Of Stella. One of the farm cats. Wearing glasses. Poor Cat...though she doesn't look too offended.

Here is an Owl Apron. The little owl in the corner of the pic is one I made last year for my mom. Who by the way is in charge of the camera at this point. Which is a good thing. You can actually see the aprons.

Another day. Another apron. Actually it was the same day. Just a different apron. The patchwork you see is from an old scrapbag of quilting blocks. Love them!

Santa makes his appearance.

Pumpkins and more pumpkins!

More Christmas!

Another Fall and Another Christmas. I'm kinda repeating myself here.

One of my favorite part of making aprons is the little embellishments I add. This week I was on a fabric flower kick. All of the flowers are detachable so the aprons can be washed without messing up the flower...and the flower can be worn with other things.

I also tried my hand at some different kinds of flowers. These were so much fun. They involve satin and fire. Thankfully, I have a helper who is fond of fire (he could care less about the satin).  Isn't it purty?

So that was my week. Now I am trying to organize my sewing notions and get my next orders in line. Sigh. Which means I need to dig out my table from under the mountain of fabric/buttons/thread/old water bottles that have taken over my life.

Have a great week!

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