Friday, November 30, 2012


It's me again.

Today has been a strange day. Josiah had oral surgery. Bless his heart. He has been a real trooper. Though I have never heard of anybody complaining so much about having to eat ice cream all day. Who would have thunk it? He's ready for mac and cheese. Me, too. But that's another story.

I'm also trying to finish up a very large apron order. I am making 10 aprons for one order (this is not including some other smaller orders). I've finished 4. Or maybe 5. I figure I'll keep cranking them out until somebody tells me to stop. I am currently taking a break from all the sewing madness. I made sure to wind an extra spool of green bobbin thread when starting this particular apron and now I can't find my extra spool. I refuse to wind another one! After all...It will take me at least a minute. I'm guessing if I sit on the couch long enough it will come out of hiding. And if it finds my camera's battery charger while it's hiding out....

So there's this weight loss thing I'm doing. AHHH! I had a brief hiccup over Thanksgiving. Not that I gorged myself, but there is only so much stuffing, potatoes and pie one can have. I've still only lost 61 pounds. I've got to shake it up again. My calories are good. I exercise, but it looks like I need to change it up a little. And then there is the hair. My hair has gotten so brittle and fine. It's falling out!!! Not that I had all that much to begin with. But good grief!! I've tried not to get so obsessed by it...there are worse things...but I'm kind of worried it's not going to get any better. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday to get some of my levels checked. I'll be able to talk to her about it then. If not...I guess The Studly Muffin will have to give me some pointers.

Nobody does Bald Better Than the Muffin.

Later (after lamenting my lost locks) we are going to put up our Christmas ornaments. We went out last weekend and got our Christmas stuff out of storage...except for the ornaments. Oops. The Studly muffin went and collected them after Josiah's surgery. Since Josiah can only have ice cream I've declared it Leftover Night. I would have liked to declare it Ice Cream night, but I want to lose more than 61 pounds.
Next week...if all goes as planned...I want to share with you what is happening in our Homeschool World. It's craaazy, let me tell you! We have some special things we are doing for the Christmas season. It's too good not to share!
For now....I am going to give my sewing area "The Look." The green bobbin in bound to make an appearance sooner or later. 

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