Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Turkey Day and Birthday Boy Happenings

I'm blogging. That must mean there is some task I am dreading...Today it is pretty much all of them. I'm so far behind on my "to do" list. I expect I might catch up around Valentine's Day. Not a great way to start the Christmas Holiday. But I must sludge on (sludge on?...not sure if "sludge" is even a word). In true "sludging" fashion I am going to fill you in on recent happenings. Then I need to go tackle the stack of dishes in the sink. I would go on a "mom doesn't need to do it all" strike, but it would be there waiting for me when I got done pouting.

We had a pretty great Thanksgiving. Waayy too much food. Lots of kiddos. Plenty of family togetherness...that sort of thing. We alternate holidays with both sides of our family, so this Thanksgiving was with my folks on the farm. I dragged along all my little Fall crafty projects (including the Thanksgiving Chalkboard pictured above with my Mom's cat, Nim). I also dragged along my beverage servers, serving platters, sewing machine and some extra laundry. I have a patient (and strong husband).

What does a cook do when he or she needs to toast a meringue and the oven is full of turkey and stuffing? He or she calls upon the "Fire Master" (aka my Dad or "Papa") to get the job done. Every man should have a propane torch in their tool box. My Dad does...and More. He's officially hired for all future meringue toasting projects.

 Josiah Bevan's birthday is always in November (imagine that). And occasionally it falls on Thanksgiving. Not this year, but we have started celebrating on Thanksgiving with whatever side of the family we are visiting. This year he requested his Grandma Teague's Red Cake (served at all Holidays and special celebrations). He also requested a Star Wars Cake.

Grandma T. wrote out the recipe and mailed it out and I baked it up. Josiah gathered up his Star Wars guys and Voila! A Star Wars Red Cake. These Star Wars guys have been through it! C3PO has even lost his head!! Not to fear, Star Wars Fans everywhere...Josiah purchased some more with his birthday money. Everybody has all their heads and other least for now.

Another Wilson family Holiday tradition (along with absurd amounts of Pie) is some Pickin' and Grinnin' . I come from a long line of pickers and grinners. Ama (grandma) has enough instruments in her little music corner to start a real live traveling band.

 We take these things very seriously. Bless Papa's heart. He's a trooper.

 The day after Thanksgiving the grandkids helped Ama (grandma) decorate the Christmas tree. I'm so proud. How many of you can say your son is not afraid to wear Christmas ornaments on his ears. Just don't tell his Daddy.

All the Tree Trimmers. What I want to know is how those kiddos got so big. My brother's twins are 15. What? How can that be? I'm only 17 myself. What.

 Under that pile is The Studly Muffin. The Cousins adore him.

He is loved. What a man.

 Every year we try and have Mom (Ama) take pictures of the Birthday Boy around the big day. These are his 11-year-old pictures. I can't believe how grown up he is.

 He had quite the Birthday week. We ate at his favorite places. He got a new bike. And then got to spend some cash (gotta love those adoring Grandparents).

 He wanted to go to a local video/gaming/etc. etc. store. I think it's hysterical how all of these grown men wander around these stores speaking in hush tones about the graphics of this game or that game...It's very reverent. I'm always kind of expecting to see somebody going all out in a cape and tights. Next time a certain boy in my house fusses about going to the fabric store I'm going to remind him how many times I have dutifully driven him to the game store...

The Studly Muffin and I are so blessed. Josiah is just a joy. Sometimes I can't believe how God worked everything out for us. I waited so long to be a momma.

But when it happened it was really worth the wait.

So I've really put off my chore list long enough. I need to get working on it before I am forced to add more to it! Sludge On!

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