Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Stuff

I haven't been avoiding you...I promise. It's been too crazy for words in my little world. So to catch up I thought I'd give you some not so random thoughts.

1. Josiah has been sick. He's such a trooper. He spent last week sounding like he was going to cough up a kidney at any minute. I made him miss swim team practice twice and Wednesday night church. I tell you it was tragic. Such drama. He's feeling better. I can tell because he hasn't stopped talking. This boy can talk. And talk. And talk.

2. We are going to Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad's this year. I'm getting together my list of "Beke's Diet Approved Thanksgiving Dishes." And because I've had at least 3 members of my family remind me that unless there is pie it's not Thanksgiving I am going to have to face a Chocolate Cream Pie on that day. My family would pretty much be okay if that was Thanksgiving dinner. Pie and Mashed potatoes. And maybe homemade rolls. Which is a big problem for a girl in the middle of a radical transformation. I had visions of completely remaking our Thanksgiving meal, but then decided I didn't want to get voted off the island. I couldn't face that many pie lovers and live.

3. I've lost 61 pounds as of this week! October was a really slow weight loss month. I've tried to to worry too much about it. But also I don't want to become complacent. Just because I feel better and have lost 4 sizes doesn't mean I can rest. I still have plenty to go. When I took Josiah into the Doctor last week (we share the same doc) the first thing she said to me was "Girl! You've lost weight!" Yes, Ma'am. I have to tell you that it's a pretty good feeling.If I could get away with doing some sort of Fame like dance strut up my street I would. But in my neighborhood I'm afraid I'd get approached to see if I could sell them whatever I'm on.

4. I have a terrible confession. I can't find the battery charger to my camera. I last remember it being plugged into an outlet in my dining room. Yes. THAT dining room. I have a theory or two. It's possible it was consumed by large tub of fabric...if so I don't know when I'll see it again. I'm afraid if I go digging I'll lose an arm. Another possible theory is Alien Abduction. Hey! Alien's need digital cameras, too! In any event there are many things I need to be recording for all time. The adorable wreath I made for Fall. My cute paper strip pumpkins. Our Blessing Tree I hung in the hall. Josiah's huge feet. I mean really! The boy can wear my shoes! Not that he will anytime soon. His daddy would frown upon black ballerina flats.

5. I was so involved in some much needed housework Saturday morning that I ripped the sink handle right off the kitchen sink. Oops. I'm not that strong. It was that old. So Monday the plumber for our building came and put in a new sink faucet And then yesterday he came and replaced the whole bathroom sink. It's like Christmas. Who would have thought I would be so giddy about plumbing.

So that's all for now, folks. I've got a list of stuff to do that seems to be magically growing (either that or Aliens are involved).



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