Friday, January 18, 2013

All By Myself

So it's a Friday night. And I'm all by myself. Yay! Yipee! Yippee-Yi-Yay!

Can you tell I need some Quiet time? The Studly Muffin and Josiah are at a Cycling Clinic. They went last week...had a good time and decided to go back.

Meanwhile I am looking around my house and fretting about all the stuff I meant to get done today. You can see that it is bothering so much that I took to posting a random blog post.

Count yourself warned.

1. This hasn't been a banner week for weight loss. I exercised really good. And then I snacked. I didn't snack horribly. I just snacked. I don't know why. Maybe I'm a little anxious. Maybe suffering from some cabin fever. I am inching towards that "70 pounds lost" mark. I'll get there. Just maybe not this week.

2. And speaking of "70 pounds lost".....

I am calling this purse my the "Didn't get to treat myself for all my weight loss thus far so Yay me" Purse. My sweet mother-in-law bought for me and it arrived in the mail this week. I love it! It is so me. I'm thinking when I finally reach my weight loss goal I should get a matching car. Because...

3. I hate to be all "Debbie Downer," but my car needs healing. Or maybe I need healing from my car. I haven't figured it out yet. This week I am thankful I can drive it. At least in the daytime. That's all I'm going to say about that.

4. So Josiah started a PE class this week at a local University. He goes every semester. This semester it appears he is going to be with the "Big Kids." I'm don't know that I'm ready for him to be with the "Big Kids." He's just so goofy. And small. And goofy.

5. They started out this semester with a unit of gymnastics. Is it wrong that we parents get so much enjoyment cackling hysterically at our children while they attempt to learn the cartwheel? You can tell the little girls who had gymnastics. Josiah does a great somersault. The cartwheel? Hmm. Not so much.  Occasionally I collect myself enough to stop the cackling and say to whoever is in hearing "You all should really see Josiah's freestyle stroke. It's gorgeous." I don't want him to completely lose all confidence.

6. There is this issue with my hair. It's falling out. And it's fuzzy. Falling out and fuzzy. I had blood work done this week. Found out I'm borderline anemic, but everything else checks out really good. So it's probably my family history. So for the first time in almost 20 years I am going to be the size I should be and bald. It's a good thing I have always had my winning personality to fall back on. And I mean that with ever bit of sarcasm I can muster :<)

7. So I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze out every bit of fun out of the 1.5 hours I have left before my boys come home from the clinic. It's not that I don't love spending time pouring out my deepest, most soulful feelings on my blog...So do I read? Do I turn on Netflix? I would be tempted to make a trip to Hobby Lobby, but it's after dark and I'm not supposed to drive my car. I already made some sort of supper. When I say some sort of supper I mean that I fixed myself a grilled cheese, but threw some leftovers together, added some cheese and called it Mexican. I'm hoping they don't recognize the brown rice I've had on the table for 2 nights in a row.

Have a lovely night!

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