Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Art Lesson: Printmaking

Monday. Nope. Not Monday. Tuesday. When a holiday falls on a Monday it messes me up. Not that we actually took a holiday. The Studly Muffin was off from work. But it was more of the same for the rest of us. It was nice having Mr. Muffin home  He got to take Josiah to swim team practice. I think it was really fun for him. His work schedule is such that he never gets to see him practice.

So. Anyhoo. 

I thought I'd share what went down last weekend at Josiah's Art Class Spectacular. My mom is trying out a new project for her current crop of art students (residents at a nursing home in Joplin). Josiah usually gets to be her guinea pig.

It's a pretty special thing to have a Mom as a professional artist. I always have artwork to display. She also is a Respiratory Therapist (no longer working as)...who are very handy to have around in a pulmonary emergency (of which I have had).

She also has been great to have around as "Art Teacher Extraordinaire." I was never really good at lessons. I usually had to participate as a kid in one session or another of art lessons she gave. I've even took a few of her watercolor classes as an adult. I'm still not really any good. But that is not the point of art.

She recently gave Josiah a lesson in "Print Making." (here is a handy link for printmaking lessons)

First, it must be noted that, yes, Josiah is wearing a purple smock apron. He was a little worried about it.
 And he fussed over just a bit...as every self respecting boy would do....after all, it does have some hand embroidary on it as well.

And he had a little bit of trouble with the buttons. How embarrassing! 

In Printmaking the artist can choose a variety of mediums. Josiah is painting with acrylics.

 Love. Those could have been my little hands years ago.

Those are probably still some of the same acryllics that have been in my Mom's art stuff forever. Her prefered medium is watercolor, but goodness gracious the lady has art stuff! I counted at least 3 tubs of acrylic paints.

The Happy Artist with his finished product.

Ready for display. 

It even looks like a cat!

My art projects always wind up looking like the cat painted them!

Happy Monday Tuesday!

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  1. That is really neat! My Mother In Law is an artist and she uses mostly acrylic paints. My mom is a great drawing person. I didn't inherit the artistic streak :( I do enjoy seeing it though. I might just have to try the print making with my kids. Loved how Josiah's turned. Very cute!


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