Tuesday, January 29, 2013


What inspires you? Perhaps it is running through a field on a warm spring day? Or maybe not.

 Often during the hard winter months I find myself nearly succumbing to the cold gloom that surrounds me. I hunker down (armed with a stack of books…and now I have my Kindle) and determine that I won’t be happy again until flip flop season.

 I am fortunate, however, in the fact that it doesn’t take much to inspire me to move beyond the rut. I am not naturally so flexible. Life has made me so. Or it might be because I am so easily moved onto the next idea, thought or project. I am inspired by many things. A sunny day. A good movie. Some cute shoes. Chocolate. I didn’t say my inspiration has to be meaningful. I'm just easily distracted.

I used to feel guilty about needing beauty in my life. It seems so impractical. What I have discovered through some of the more tumultuous seasons of life is that often “we” neglect adding beauty and richness to our lives because we are waiting for the next season. “When my kids grow up I can use the good china.” “I don’t have time to paint or create, I should be doing laundry.” “I can’t possibly set out my favorite little china birds….my son will use them for a movie making prop.” (or maybe that’s just me)

We want to wait for the perfect moment. What if that perfect moment never comes? How much have we missed because we were waiting for the ideal circumstances. Or when our house is clean. Preach!

My friends. I need to be inspired today. I need to add a little sparkle to my life. A little glitter to my week. How about you?

Sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning off my table and adding a vase of fresh flowers or bowl of fruit. I am inspired by pictures of my family and beautiful artwork. A scented candle or a fluffy throw…They all add a bit of texture to my world. Put something pretty in your life. Don’t feel guilty. Do it now!

Words can hurt. Or they can heal the soul. Words of a favorite book or a song can inspire. It is Scripture, however, that is the true healer. This passage of scripture is one that I have used as my email tag for a number of years. When I see it I am reminded of what God has done in my life. I have reason to Dance. Fill yourself with sweet words. With edifying words.

Use your good stuff! Don’t wait for a special occasion. What is more special than a day spent with family? An impromptu tea party or a tea with a friend? Serve your chicken noodle soup in your best china. And fear not. If your favorite milk glass bowl winds up as part of the Star Fleet…What. That only happens at my house?

 I have a confession. Though to those of you who know me it’s not much of a confession. I like to wear flowers in my hair. I was recently in a ladies clothing shop. The sweet sales lady helping me was showing me a beautiful scarf and flower I could wear on it. She then remarked that she probably was too old to wear flowers in her hair. I think she and I are the same age. I didn’t say anything. I just sheepishly smiled.

 It has taken me quite a few years to feel comfortable with who I am. People might think I’m too fruity. Or too Dreamy. I’ve decided that I’m just the kind of gal who wears a flower in her hair. So get over it (and I mean that in the nicest way…honest).

Now if you feel like your fashion statement whim might be a little over the top, please do refrain from making yourself a Tutu. Instead. Make all your nieces a tutu. It will make you happy. I apologize. That little tirade was meant for me entirely.

Now go forth my fine friends. Put a little color in your day. Wrap yourself up in a silky scarf. Speak blessings to those around you. And by all means…Have a tea party. Just don’t forget to invite me.


  1. Funny thing you mentioned not making your self a tutu but your kid one...i think I would feel more playful and inspired if I wore one myself lol. I love to get dressed all funk, makes me feel good and to know im not stream line.

  2. I needed this encouragement after a trying day!

  3. This is just delightful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing it. I believe that God created us to be creative and to appreciate beauty.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I always need inspiration and encouragement. God made the word beautiful and I love being able to appreciate it!


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