Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random Thoughts: Saturday Morning Dishes

Is it Saturday already? This week has flown by. And I have to tell you...I needed a few more days. Ever feel that way? I'm feeling more and more frequently.

I thought I would take a few minutes (mostly because I have dishes to do) and give you a few Random Thoughts.

1. We sure had some wild weather this week. Monday it was a balmy 76. Tuesday we had a tornado watch. There were a few warnings north of us, but I don't think any touched down. By that evening it was freezing. On Thursday we had blowing snow. Yep. Gotta love this Missouri weather.

The picture above is of my coffee table. I'm getting ready to put something Valentiney up. Maybe. I'm feeling that the whole setup is still kind of fits. You know? But they say that the Groundhog didn't see his shadow. I'm always confused about that whole thing. And I'm not so sure I would trust a Groundhog. Was he or was he not responsible for that whole Bill Murray thing?

2. I put myself in timeout yesterday. It happens. We didn't do any school. I didn't even step outside my front door...except to run downstairs to the mailbox. I organized this.

I know! Don't tell my momma. And don't turn me into the Clutter police just yet. The table is now clean. Paper filed or trashed and my headband can now found on my dresser. No worries. Is that a loaf of bread in the left hand corner?

3. One of the hazards of homeschooling is not just that it can consume your table, but you spend the day like this.

In your pj pants with a fuzzy blanket on your head. He is identifying certain geographical locations for me. The only problem is that the globe is so old we always have to make certain allowances. At least it's round.

4. This week was Food For Fines at our Library. I have spoken about it before. It is where we can bring in nonperishable foods or hygiene items for the Ozarks Food Harvest and they take off money from our Fines. I admit it. Their eyes light up when they see me coming. It's a win win situation. I get to reduce or eliminate our library fines and completely stock an area food pantry. I'm exaggerating, of course. Maybe.

5. So this weekend is Super Bowl Sunday. And as a Green Bay Packer Fan, The Studly Muffin is a bit uninterested. We are going to have a movie night at church. I tried to convince him to at least show one of those Faith Based football movies that are out. No going. I think he's trying to pretend the whole thing isn't happening. I wouldn't be surprised if he and Josiah sport their various Packers hoodies and jerseys in protest.

I, myself, care nothing for football. Or sports in general. To me a Superbowl party is just a good excuse to eat nachos.

6. I believe I've mentioned that I am blessed to be part of the TOS crew (a review team for The Old Schoolhouse magazine). We are currently reviewing lots of products. And I love it. It's like Christmas. Without the wrapping paper and my annual score of Bath and Bodyworks products. I've been letting Josiah open up the packages as they come in the mail. "Mom look! Greek and Latin cards!" I'm thinking of wrapping up his weekly chore chart and sending it in the mail. "Mom look! I get to put away the laundry!" Though now that I think it about it I probably could stand to try that myself. "Look! I get to wash the dishes!"

Really. I need to wash the dishes. So much for stalling. Have a wonderful weekend!

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