Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just a little glimpse....

Happy Tuesday! Or as I like to call it "Happy Day That I'm Stuck At Home With A Bum Car Once Again."  Yup. Let's just face it. My car is has been limping towards that junkyard in the sky for quite some time now. My Little Bro (whose gifts not only include cooking, but fixing mechanical thingys as well) is coming over tomorrow morning to assess the situation. It could be something okay..but then again it could be something really bad. Just another thing to add to my prayer list. God knows!

Meanwhile, Josiah and I kicked off this semester of school with fanfare this week. Not really. But, I like to think every day has a little sparkle in it.

Josiah loves words. One of his daily assignments is to choose a exceptional word and write the definition in his vocabulary  notebook. The word today? Exquisite

The dining room table has seen some action. The DVD is actually a Star Wars movie. Every guy needs a little inspiration. I need coffee...therefore the M&M coffee mug.

We are going to start reading our way through The Newbery Medal Book Winners. And, of course, we already have Sarah, Plain and Tall. So maybe this was more my choice this time...We are reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at bedtime...Which is not a Newbery Medal book, by the way. I'll have to post my list of classics we are working through. Later. Right now I need a nap.

Mid-morning snack. Josiah wanted me to make pancakes. Typical.

He likes to keep his eye on his seatwork. We like to listen to Adventures in Odyssey while he works through his "homework" assignments. I would recommend the Adventures in Odyssey to any family. We have several CD's (found a The Thrift Store), but you can go to the website and listen to a podcast everyday. We even listen in the car. 

That's it for now. My mom called met this morning on her way to work and told me that she got on my blog last night and read it to my dad. Uh-oh. I'm trying to remember if there is anything I've written as of late that would get me in trouble. So I'm stopping while I'm ahead.

Have a wonderful day!

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