Saturday, January 5, 2013

Little Bro's Refried Bean Recipe

It's a cold night. We've all got the sniffles...At least 2/3 of us do. Josiah is unfazed. Maybe I should have left supper up to him. Speaking of supper....I've not been the most creative cook this week. I'm having trouble getting into my post holiday/need to get back on the weight loss train groove. I've not fallen off the wagon (completely), but there was a pizza delivery involved this week. I can justify it because a friend of The Studly Muffin's at work used his daughter's (she works at a pizza joint) discount. Because cheap = healthy, right?

This was another meal this week. I love beans. And the greens are actually swiss chard put up from the garden this summer. This is basically the go-to meal of every Hillbilly relation. And some of you posers.

I mentioned earlier in the week that my Little Brother makes some mighty fine refried beans. Just a bit of a warning...They are not what you would call "lite."

This is my Little Brother. He is 2 years younger than I am...Ultimately smarter than I am...Undoubtedly grumpier than I am. And really a fantastic cook. Here he is with his sweet family.

His refried beans (among other signature dishes) are delicious. His kids eat them like other kids eat candy.

You can use canned beans for this recipe (not the already prepared refried beans), but I would suggest throwing caution to the wind (just a little bean joke) and cook up your own from scratch.

The Pioneer Woman has a great (from scratch) bean recipe here. It is a little known fact that you don't have to soak your dried beans before you cook them. It is supposed to help with the gaseous nature, but I haven't noticed a difference. I will even throw them in the crockpot...turn them on high and let them cook all day. They are more liquidy that way...Just drain the bean broth.
Little Bro (whose name is Ryan) also uses another health food..Mexican Chorizo. Which basically is a bunch of sausages minced up with a variety of seasonings (generally chili peppers are involved). It is relatively inexpensive. You do realize I was being sarcastic when I referred to the Chorizo as health food.

The great (and easy) thing about Ryan's refried beans is that he uses little else in his beans besides Chorizo. But the finished results are like you have been slaving over the bean pot all day with your little turn table of herbs and spices.

Here is the recipe.

1lb. of cooked pinto beans (sometimes he uses leftover pintos with the ham in them and everything)
1 container of fresh Mexican chorizo (not sure what poundage it comes in)
1 or 2 cans of kidney beans
a couple of green onions chopped

In a large pan fry the chorizo until cooked thoroughly. Add the drained beans and smash! You can whip them up in a food processor, but don't get to carried away. These beans are good and chunky. Heat through then add the green onions. You can season to taste, but you probably won't need to. The chorizo is plenty salty. 

Yum! Makes my mouth water just thinking about them...with some chips...and Guac. And maybe some of m homemade salsa. Sigh. I really need to stop. And eat an apple.


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