Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day Fun

 This is a celebratory post. I am now the proud owner of a new camera battery charger. For months now I have searched high and low for my charger...To no avail. So I took some of my Christmas cash and bought one. Watch me find it tomorrow. Any pictures I have posted in the past few months on the blog have either been ones stored on my computer or those taken with my mom's camera. I feel like a new woman. Watch out for a ridiculous number of blog posts in the next few days. I've got a lot to share.

Never mind that. I have to share our fun today. We had my brother and his family over for New Years. We had the traditional Enchiladas, refried beans and rice spread. What. Your family doesn't eat what they want on New Years? So we might fix Thai food next year. That's just the way we roll. What we do have every year (or every holiday we can manage it) is Rumaki. Google it. It is pretty fantastic.

 My brother happens to be a pretty great cook. He brought the Mexican Rice and Refried Beans. His beans are so good they make you want to smack somebody. In a good way. I told him I was going to share his recipe with the world. He seemed to be okay with that. I'll share it soon. Here's a little advanced warning...They are not the skinny version.

I thought I would share a few (or 10) pics I took with my recently charged up camera. With commentary as usual.

Because we didn't get to spend Christmas together we exchanged gifts. I had made the girls legwarmers and headbands.

Poor Kalynn. I had a loom malfunction and only could give her one legwarmer. Not to fear. The other one is one its way and she lots of other fun stuff to open.

The Studly Muffin. He is a true hero. He made the Rumaki.

Alex (or at least her legs) and her legwarmers.

Her headband. I threw a little bit of everything on that headband. I think I need one.

Maddie's legwarmers. Don't you just love those bare feet?

Her headband to match.

I made my Sis-in-law, Stephannie, an apron. She is an old movie western geek and I found this vintage print I adore.

I also made a little bag to go with. 'Cause don't you carry a tote while wearing an apron?

Nothing like getting the shot of your sister-in-law eating. Sorry Steph.

Just Dance 3! Though with Josiah it wound up being more like "Just Bounce Up And Down If You Feel Like It." I took some video. It's good for a belly laugh. I'll share next time I need a good one.

Josiah and his cousin, Christopher, spent the afternoon battling Orcs. Josiah got the new Lego Lord of the Rings for Christmas. You all can rest much easier tonight. The world is good hands.

The girls and I battled our way through Headbandz (the kid's version). No. I don't have "The Great Fabric Mountain" stenciled on my wall. I just added that little bit of text to show you that I haven't been exaggerating about the wall of fabric I have in my house. That is just the tip of the mountain. I won't even admit to the bags and bags of fabric in my bedroom.

We had so much fun. Though now I look at this picture I think I need to organize my homeschool corner. Not to be confused with the Homeschool Cabinet, the Homeschool Chest or the Homeschool Box Under the Bed.

I love all my nieces. They are quite the characters. This one kept giving very specific hints. For example, during one turn I was a toaster. "Aunt Beke! You start with 'toast' and end with 'er'." She can't help herself. She's pretty random.

All the chips and salsa we could eat. At least all I could watch them eat. I'm being good. More salsa...few chips.

I can't believe this one is 15. I can remember being 15. In fact, I was 15 only a few years ago. Or 25.
 Nothing like laughing with the girls.

And talking about the boys in your life. 

They are smart cookies. They get it from me.

Happy 2013!!

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  1. The pictures are hilarious! I think you need to email them to me so i can scrap book them.


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