Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Thoughts: Just Counting Sheep

It's late. I'm laying in my bed with my laptop propped on a pillow. I'll regret staying up this late in the morning. We've got a full day tomorrow.

I'm having trouble falling asleep. So instead of doing something really important (like trying to fall asleep) I thought I would share with you a little bit of what's been on my mind lately. Just a few random thoughts.

1. So Josiah is on the swim team. I believe I've mentioned that a time or two (or 30). But this is the deal. He's been really hesitant about competing at a meet. The first meet of the year was last Saturday and another one is coming up this Saturday. He is a little worried about not getting off the wall in time. I guess it can be compared to having the fear that you will show up to give a speech about the Louisiana Purchase in History class and leave your pants at home.

He is also the child that wouldn't swim his back stroke down the entire length of pool because he was afraid that "Jaws" was going to swallow him whole. Well. This is how we solve those kinds of issues here at the Teague home. Bribery. He got the Lego Star Wars on Wii for swimming that back stroke and making it on the swim team. To compete at a meet? He gets a trip to Steak and Shake and then a game at Game Stop.

That's how we potty trained the little fella too. He was 3 (almost 4). I said, "Josiah, If you go in the potty and not in your pants Daddy and I will take you to Toys 'R Us and buy you anything you want." You do realize that we couldn't do that now. The boy is 11. His eyes are bigger than our wallets. Anyhoo. He did it. He never even had an accident. We took him to Toys 'R Us and bought him a Woody Doll. Don't judge me. Sometimes a little incentive is all we need to spread our wings.

He told me tonight he think he'll be ready for February's meet. I think the fries with a side of cheese sauce clinched it.

2. Speaking of incentive (not that this has anything to do with it). During swim team practice today I spent a little time working out. Of course, I came prepared. My earbuds (just in case I want to watch TV while I'm riding bike), my Kindle (just and case I want to read while I'm riding my bike), my phone (just in case I want to call somebody while I'm riding the bike) and today I brought a paperback book (just in case I didn't download anything new to read on Kindle while riding the bike). I always do a fair bit of people watching anywhere I go. I find it great entertainment.

Usually I have a whole backstory made up in my head for most everybody there within a 30 minute period  I know. Strange! But today I met my match. He (at least I think it was a He) was running on the treadmill. With a towel over his/her head. How am I supposed to figure out this person's life when I can't even look at his/her face? And won't he/she suffocate? I don't get it.

3. So this has to be the last random thought. I at least have to be almost asleep when The Studly Muffin comes home from work. He'll actually want to talk and that just won't do. Normal people can't carry on conversations past midnight.

Josiah and I went to the bookstore today. It's a dangerous place for me to be. Almost as dangerous as the Thrift Store. Josiah is dyslexic and doesn't read as well as he would like to, but that hasn't prevented him for sharing my obsession with books. Though I think I have him figured out. He loves box sets. He was trying to talk me into a whole set of Encyclopedia Brown books. Now we have said books, but because they were all in a box set he thought he needed them.

So I'm thinking. Is there anyway to put veggies in a box set? Is there some sort origami food box thing I need to try to make dinner more appealing to him. What about chores? Could he put away his laundry without me hollering for 2 days at him if they were nightly folded into a box set?

It's just a thought.

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  1. We have a book obsession here too! I can't resist box sets and I have to have EVERY book in a series. I can't stop buying books. :)


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