Thursday, February 7, 2013

Art Lesson: Some More Printmaking

It is a good day when things go as planned. But seeing as things in my day seldom go as planned one just has to learn to have a good day, regardless. 

Sometimes that lesson can be a tough one to learn. But one can certainly learn it...even in Art Class.

My mom teaches Art to Seniors in a Nursing Home in Joplin. Often she tries out her new projects on Josiah before she teaches them to the sweet old folks.

It all works out about the same.

This week for Josiah's "Art Class" they tried another printmaking project. This one was inspired by a video Mom found for etching with vinegar.

Cousin Chris joined in the fun.


The idea is to draw a simple picture on foil with a particular kind of pencil.  (Note: Notice I said a "particular" kind of pencil)

The drawings are then have to soak in vinegar for 7 minutes.

What does one do when they are waiting for their drawings on foil to soak in vinegar for 7 minutes?

You stare at them.

You can do strange things with your plastic gloves.

Time's almost up!

Good thing, too! You people are crazy! My momma is so cute. And young. Which means I'm  younger. Though she tries to tell me I'll be 41 on my next birthday I don't believe her. Look how young she is! It's not possible!

All done! You then rinse the vinegar off of your foil.

And then rub down with a little vegetable oil. What. Are we roasting something here? Where's the salt and pepper?

Wipe the oil away and then apply ink.

Good times.

So they did all this (as I switch back to past tense). Ran it through the press...and it came out like this. Nothing.
Just some ink smudges.

More ink smudges. Not what we would really call art. Though some people might try. If you see this kid trying to sell this print on Ebay...don't bid!

Mom decided that the pencil that she had used wasn't the right one. She needed the "particular" kind of pencil.

BTW. This is the handy dandy press. Which also doubles as a pasta machine.

On to Plan B. We must Create Art!

They are then instructed to create a simple drawing on a piece of craft foam. No vinegar involved. Or any kind of "particular" kind of pencil.

Ink is applied. I need one of those rollers for my foundation!

Then it is run through the pasta machine press.

Success!!! More than a smudge. This is progress, my friends. And might I say, Art?

Creativity can be messy! Deal with it! That's what I keep telling The Studly Muffin.

Too cute!

Projected completed! 

And they all lived happily ever after. Or something like that.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love that your mom is evolved!!!!

  2. It's so cool that your mom is teaching art for your kids and for the seniors. So fun that she can test the projects out. Loved your descriptions - too funny!

  3. I love the idea of print making. It's so great that your mom can get involved with the kids like this.


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