Sunday, February 3, 2013

Photo Assignment: 10 Things

This isn't the first time I've handed over my camera and allowed Josiah to express himself. Generally, his "expression" is always a bit strange (and I say that lovingly).

As I can appreciate "strange" I am always pleasantly surprised with what he comes up on one of his Photo assignments.

Even the random nostril pictures are slightly interesting. Strange, but interesting. This is my only child. I can appreciate his nostrils.

Today after church I instructed Josiah and his cousin (Christopher) to take the camera out and explore. We spend our weekends at my Mom and Dad's farm. Even during the winter months there are lots of things to investigate.

They were to take 10 pictures (taking turns). They needed to find some interesting shots. Would you believe not a nostril shot was among them?  We'll call that progress. 

The end result was 11 pictures and I have some suspicion that there wasn't too much investigation. More like, "let's get a picture here and here so we can go play video games and eat chips."

Anyhoo. I tried to interest the photographers to name their work. They declined in favor of cheetos. So I did it for them. With mixed results.

 Picture #1. Chickens or Chikins or My Father's Other Children

I have admitted to having a rather uneasy relationship with chickens. I certainly haven't romanticized setting up a pen on my apartment balcony. I grew up with chikins. But the boys are responsible (when they are there) for feeding & watering and collecting the eggs. Why do they seem to enjoy the job so much more than I did growing up?  For your info, some of these chikins aren't big enough to lay eggs yet. Dad just got them. Can you guess which one in the picture is still laying (even though it's cold)?

Picture #2: Wide Open Spaces. 

 This is the view into the pasture. That big black thing is a cattle feeder. At least I am assuming it's the cattle feeder. I can't see. I always think it's the dog...or a cow. You'll see in a minute what I mean.

Picture #3: Hmmm. Grass At An Angle?

I have no description. No words. Nothing.

Picture #4: The Pond. 

This morning there was a Heron at the pond. It was beautiful. The pond is down. But it looks so much better than it did this summer. Minus the floaty things.

Picture #5: A Rock. 

There's Rocks in these Hills! Imagine that!

Picture #6: Shadowman. 

Now this is cool.

Picture #7: The Pond (Take 2).

Just downwind from the other picture. 

Picture #8: Teenager in a Hoodie. 

That's all I got. 

Picture #9: Kid At Pond. 

Work it! My boy is a posing machine!

Picture #10: Boy Sits on Big Black Dog.

Big Black Dog doesn't care. Big Black Dog weighs 165 pounds.

Picture #11: BBD  - "The Big Black Dog"

This is Solomon. Yes. He's a rottweiler. And he is about the sweetest dog I've ever known. When my parents got him he was a puppy. He used to sit on my lap with his head on my shoulder. He still tries. With limited success.Last week I saw him running across the pasture towards me and wondered why a black cow was so happy to see me.

So that's it. The end of our Photo Assignment this time around. I'm thinking I'm going to start making some specific photo assignments. Anybody try this with their kids? If so, how does it work?

'Til next time!


  1. What a fun assignment! Love the "teen in a hoodie" shot. Congrats on them steering away from nostril shots - when my daughter was younger, she took pictures of her own feet every time she got my camera.... wha???? It was pretty funny.

    Also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award:

  2. I am always finding crazy shots on my phone or ipad. I love this assignment!

  3. I love finding crazy pictures on my ipad, iphone, and camera. This look slike it was a fun assignment. I enjoyed seeing the pictures.

  4. My kids once took a picture of me nursing the baby. I had to delete that photo.............It's always interesting to see what they capture :)


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