Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random Thoughts: Messes, Phones and Doctor Who.

Hi all!

I'm waist high in books, star wars figurines, legos and Easter grass (don't ask). I'm cleaning Josiah's room. And when I say cleaning....I mean cleeeaaning. So while I sip on my water and vow to never purchase another kid's book from The Thrift Store (until next week) I thought I would share a few random thoughts.

1. Josiah is actually staying with my mom and dad this week at The Farm. Which is why I can get away with Project Toss Everything Out. I miss him. I will admit to something horrifying to some of you. Other than a night or two here or there, Josiah has never been away from us. Yes!!! I am one of "those" mothers. However. Just because I am one of "those" mothers doesn't mean I planned a week of stuff to do. But, you know how other stuff always happens that makes it impossible for you to do the stuff you'd planned? More on that in a minute.

2. Last Saturday, I had to rescue The Studly Muffin from the Pancake Ride. I know! Sounds ominous He was riding a 50 mile ride (cause he's The Muffin) with several hundred of his closet friends. Half way through the ride they all stopped and had pancakes. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Pancake Ride. How about a Pie Ride? Sign me up for that one!

Anyhoo. He was about 27 miles in and his chain broke. I personally think it was the pancakes. Though the guy at the bike shop told him that it was corroded. My theory sounds better. I had to drive out to Troy's buddy's house. Find Troy's car. Pick up Troy's bike rack. Then I drove to another town to pick Troy up at the High School...where "they" had taken him and his bike. "They" were folks who drove around in a big truck and picked up cyclists who had trouble. Like the Muffin (whose also goes by Troy).

3. Speaking of Trouble. A few weeks ago, The Muffin was riding his bike late at night (he takes his rides after work..which is around 2am). Some crazy person threw firecrackers at him. The next night a cyclist got shot on his bike. People are craaazzy!

4. So this week because I was going to be without my son I made plans. I was going to do laundry (uninterrupted). I was going to clean out the closets (uninterrupted). I was going to go to Hobby Lobby (and have no one interrupting me, "Mom, do we have to look at the fabric again?). I was also going to get back on my exercise routine.

Monday I hit my head on something in the bathroom and about knocked myself out. I seriously think I gave myself a mild concussion. It also jerked my neck and my shoulder out of position. Instead of having somebody check me out (like the doctor), I have been treating myself with BENGAY and Tylenol. Nevertheless, it made me all achy and kind of sick feeling. Yay! Another excuse not to exercise this week.

5. I felt better today so I decided to tackle Josiah's room. He is good about keeping the floor picked up and his bed made. But the boy is a saver. He has piles of stuff in every corner. He might keep something that "looks" interesting. And he is pretty enthusiastic about you can imagine. I entered his room with a vengeance. I am only slightly worried he is going to be upset I've thrown things away. He likes things very neat. In fact, he asked me on the phone a few days ago if I was keeping the house clean. Pretty nervy if you ask me. (Don't let me forget to wash the dishes in the sink before he comes home..I will never hear the end of it).

This deep cleaning stuff is serious business. I gathered a few boxes, several trash bags and my Jane Austen video collection. Between my recent Doctor Who marathon when I was recovering from a bug and my Jane Austen obsession don't be surprised if I start speaking with a bit of a British Accent.

6. A few hours ago, The Studly Muffin called me from work.
"How's it going? Are you up for an errand?" He asks.
 "I am excessively diverted. " I replied.
"What?" He says.
Nevermind. He wanted to know if I could bring him a shake from Sonic. Well, of course! It was the prefect diversion. So what if a shake from Sonic is the last thing I need. I think all of this organizing and tossing is burning waay more calories than I could ever hope for.

7. My last little bit is the Story of My Phone. I have to go back a bit. Here goes (deep breath). We were on our way back from Indiana when I left my phone in Terra Haute. Only I really didn't leave it in Terra Haute. We found it later..submerged in a cup of water in the car. It was gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. So The Muffin gave me his phone and took a very ancient phone we keep in the top drawer in case of emergencies. He got me a new sim card and used the old phone for himself (cause he's The Muffin). Then. My Dad gave us his old phone (which happened to look just like Troy's old phone which was now my new phone). Troy started using that phone. Are you with me?

Tuesday (when I was on an errand) my new/old phone went crazy. Both Troy and Baby Sister called me to tell me that my phone had called them. Then my phone crashed. The screen turned green and that was it. So Troy has gone back to using his ancient phone and I now have My Dad's old phone. Shew. It's always something.

8. One more little bit (I really mean it this time). I know that they are getting ready to reveal the Next Doctor Who (for those of you are "Who" fans). I have the perfect solution. For one...there has been talk of making the next Doctor a woman. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And that's all I have to say about that. I am not going to even give that idea the courtesy of my time. So here is my idea. Colin Firth. Dr. Darcy as Doctor Who. Can you imagine it?

So that's all I have. It is time for me to reenter the fray. That is all.

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