Sunday, August 4, 2013

Intro - Homeschooling One Busy Boy

I didn’t intend to the mother of an only child. I thought I would have a dozen of kids (at least)…well. Maybe not a dozen, but I was opposed to a whole passel of them. 

Anybody know how many is in a passel anyway? 

Anyhoo. It just didn’t work out that way.  I had fertility issues (obviously), a major health crisis or four and miscarried a baby when The Studly Muffin and I had been married almost 10 years. 

That is why when Josiah came in to our lives it was completely a miracle.

He was two weeks old when I got to change his first diaper. The whole adoption experience was thrilling, exciting, dreadful, suspenseful and magical…all at the same time. Yet, I was ready to do it the day after we stood (well, actually we sat) in front of a judge in family court. 

It just never happened. 

I turned 41 this year. The Muffin turned 51. The chances of us adding to our family grow slimmer every year. I try not to think about it too hard. It makes me sad.

But then all I have to do is look at this face.

What a guy! We are so blessed. I can't even begin to express how blessed we are. He is truly a gift.

Having an Only Child is something I didn't have any experience with. I am the oldest of 3. My husband is stuck in the middle somewhere of 5 siblings. My siblings are those unique creatures on the planet that shared my childhood, my ability with the quick quip and my love of all things Doctor Who. There is a bond there that is strange and wonderful. 

How was my son to navigate life without an older, bossy sister to tell him what to do?
And how in the world did I decide that I needed to homeschool him? I am an educated teacher. I could tell he had some learning issues early on. Wouldn't this special boy need all the bells and whistles of a structured public education?  And what about socialization? This poor lonely boy would spend hours of isolation with me as his only playmate. Poor kid. He will need therapy for years.

I'm taking part in the Review Crew 5 Days Summer Blog Hop. My little portion of the Blog Hop is titled Homeschooling One Busy Boy. 
During this week of Homeschooling One Busy Boy, I want to address some of those issues I have faced head on.  
I really believe that homeschooling is an individual choice. It is a decision we made that one was the best one for our son and our family. 
I have divided up the week into 5 different topics.

Day 1 - Our One and Only  (Homeschooling an Only Boy)
Day 2 - How to Giddy-Up when My Giddy-Up’s Gone (Homeschooling a Highly Distracted Boy)
Day 3 - We’ll Make a Man out of You (Growing a Godly Boy)
Day 4 - Classical Music For the Adventurous Boy!
 Day 5 - Raising Picasso, Alton Brown and Indiana Jones (Helping your son find his Passion)

Hope you stay tuned!

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