Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Thoughts: The Summer Bug Edition

It's late. I am stretched out in my bed. I have been here the majority of the day.

Yep. I've been struck down by some sort of plague. It's not as bad as it could be, but it's kept the fizzle out my fa-shizzle.

So in honor of all summer borne illnesses....I thought I would treat you to a few random thoughts. It's been a while.

1. So I started our heavy duty school schedule this week. At least for one day. Then life happened. You know how that goes. Life happened on Tuesday when I got up and realized my computer wasn't charging. What? Things like that never happen to me! (she says with as much snark as she can muster). I have a theory that the many screws and pins I have floating around my body interfere with the electronics in my life. This happens to be my second computer this year. And I believe we have had to replace a printer once a year for the last 5. Anyhoo. We wound up taking just the cord down to Best Buy (because of all things I need in my life it's this computer). The lovely boy from the Geek Squad told me that the charger is working, but it is probably my computer. Of course, it is! We went home and low and behold my computer is charging again. But I don't trust it. I can play nice for right now, but I've got my eye on this crafty piece of computer hardware. I expect a return trip to Best Buy any day now.

2. This morning when I got up (and realized someone had been building a high rise in my head overnight) I got around some work for Josiah to do on his own. Which is kinda like saying to the boy, "Free Day!"

Instead of working on his math worksheets and cursive handwriting page he created this in his bedroom. 

The pic is a little blurry. He took it himself. I believe it is some sort of scene from Star Wars. I imagine we can count it as some sort of school work, but that math is going to be waiting for him tomorrow.

3. This is for all you mamas out there. Have you ever noticed than when you are sick that you might as well extend your recovery time to include at least a day and a half of housework...all those dirty dishes and piles of stuff seem to take on a life of their own. I did send some very unpleasant looking tacos with The Studly Muffin tonight to work. He didn't complain. He's good like that. As long as it's enough. As for Josiah and myself, we made do with PB&J. I know! Not very diet friendly (especially with that mushy white bread I got on special). But sometimes you just have to do what you just have to do. It was either that or ramen. And you know how I feel about ramen.

4. Any big Labor Day plans out there? We used to be a bit more fun. But I've reached that stage in my life when fun consists of a sink void of dirty dishes and a clean bathroom. And maybe just a few minutes of alone time at Hobby Lobby. Who knew I would become so practical in my 40's?

5. Next week Josiah starts some of his activities again after the summer break. I'm looking forward to seeing some friends again. However, I'm also dreading the juggling act we seem to perform every year. He started swim team again a few weeks ago after a few months off. At least, that gave me a reason to go workout. It was easy to find an excuse when he wasn't swimming. I have a few. I'd give you my best ones (just in case you need to use one), but I can't have that hanging over my head as well.

6. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully, my summer plague will be just a slight bug and I'll bounce back with a spring in my step (or at least a pop...I'd settle for a pop). I will prepare a healthy and filling meal for my family and there will be no easy temptation of Apple Jacks and PB&J as my go-to snacks. Josiah will finish all the school work I have planned for him. Any recreation of scenes from Star Wars will be put off until after Spanish (at least). I will take him to Swim Team and tackle my workout with renewed vigor...

7. Or I will sleep a little more and dream of a clean kitchen.

Night all!

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