Thursday, September 26, 2013

Show and Tell: Treasures from the Farm

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I've been here. In the same little apartment on the second floor. Obviously I've been cranking out reviews like there's no tomorrow. We've gotten to review some pretty terrific stuff. And there's more to come!

Anyhoo. Fall is now officially open for business. In the next few weeks I'll share a few odds and ends on the matter.

So many of you have heard (or maybe you haven't) that my parents have been restoring a small rock farmhouse for the past several years. My dad took that baby right down to the studs. In the meantime, they stayed with my aunt and uncle in Joplin for a year. Then they started camping out at the Farm. And when I say camping....Just imagine  all your plumbing needs in a bucket. That's all I'm saying.

Recently, they've gotten to that place of "stuff retrieval." Which means they are bringing their belongings from storage buildings to the farm. Which also means marathon unpacking. I think it's been overwhelming for both of them. Especially because this is also "harvest the garden" time of year. More canning has been going on in the kitchen than I've seen in a long time.

It's really been fun to arrive at the farm every weekend and see what Mom has uncovered from a box or bucket. Some of their stuff has been in storage for years.

I personally like eclectic and unusual treasures. My parents have traveled quite a bit and are both collectors of a variety of interesting things.

I thought I would play a bit of "show and tell." My mom took the pictures. We had fun playing.

I love vintage china. One of the things I dislike about apartment living is that all of my pretties are locked away. This cup and saucer is not a vintage piece. But it's cute. I like cute.

I don't remember this cast of marionette puppets living at the house when I was at home. I'm sure this was an acquisition ABLH (After Beke Left Home).  I think they are darling.

Mom has just a little bit of a soft spot for "babies." The living and the stuffed. This is a little Latin stuffed baby. She is decorating her kitchen and dining room with a Latin Flair. This baby and a few others are occupying their own shelf.

Another Latin baby. Look at her little pot. Precious!

I have to brag just a bit. This piece of pottery was created by my niece. She's 16 and beautiful. And obviously talented. Isn't it lovely?

This jump rope belonged to my Grandma Polly.It is frayed and broken....and much loved.

Another one of Grandma Polly's treasures. Uncle Delmore (I've probably spelled his name wrong) went to Mexico way back when and brought this little bag back to Grandma when she was a little girl. 

My Grandma passed away when I was 18. This is another one of her treasures from Uncle Delmore's trip to Mexico. I miss her.

We took a few trips to the Petrified National Forest in New Mexico when I was a kid. Can you believe that this bit of rock was once a tree? You can't haul stuff out of the Forest. They check your car and even your shoes if you look suspicious before leaving the Park. Mom and Dad had to lay down some cash for this memory.

Another family treasure. Not the fake fruit. You can buy a bag of that at Hobby Lobby. Notice the beautifully carved Bread Bowl? It's old. A Great Great (and possibly Great) Grandfather Michel (my grandmother's maiden name) carved it. I have threatened to sneak it out of the house under the cloak of darkness.

Okay. Maybe this is some kind of alcoholic beverage glass.I'm not sure. I don't drink alcoholic beverages. Neither do my parents. I just think it's cute. Cute goes a long way with me.

Not all treasures were found ones. This gourd (which came from my Dad's garden) was transformed by my Mom. 

Here is another one. Isn't it beautiful? She's so good at this kind of stuff. I'm like..."where's the spray paint?"

Last little treasures to show (for now). This is a set of salt and pepper shakers. It is old Mexican Pottery. Just so interesting!

So thank you for indulging me. Do you have favorite treasures?

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