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TOS Review: See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish

Hola!  I took 2 years of Spanish in High School. Other than being able to ask directions to the bathroom, I’m pretty sure my Spanish speaking skills are fairly nonexistent.  The sad fact is that both of my parents also speak Spanish. In fact, my dad is somewhat of a linguist. I’m lucky to remember my name some days. 

I have always wanted Josiah’s experiences to be a bit broader than my own. Which means I eventually would like him to be able to go beyond asking for the nearest lavatory in Spanish. The beauty of homeschooling is that I can provide a variety of experiences to help him achieve this. 

I had the opportunity to review a fun product called See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish from Flip Flop Learning. Flip Flop Learning is a company that has created fun resources for learning French and Spanish. 

What I Received

See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish is a 2-year Spanish program. This program uses audial, tactile, and visual learning styles to help you and your child learn Spanish. The recommended age for this product is broad. Your 3-year-old can use it along with your 90-year-old great Grandma. Which means that the options are endless. Even this tired momma (who falls somewhere in between 3 and 90) can brush up on her Spanish speaking skills.  There are suggestions by Señora Gose (the author of this wonderful program) for providing extra challenges for older students. 

The program contains 45 lessons. The beauty of these lessons is that they can be repeated as needed. I love how it all works. Each lesson lasts one week. You only do Spanish 3 days a week. On the 1st day, the student follows a CD track. The 2nd the student repeats the CD track. On the 3rd day, I am on deck (as the teacher) and I simply read through the script for that lesson. I liked being able to take some time with Josiah and reinforce what he had been learning.  Each lesson should only take about 10 or 15 minutes. Anybody can do 10 or 15 minutes! 

When you receive your box from Flip Flop Learning in the mail, you will find in it some neat stuff.  

A manual with lesson plans
4 CD’s (audio)
Flash cards with pictures (3 sets)
1 white board paddle   
1 dry erase marker

I loved this insert in the box. Easy Peasy! 

Starting right out of the gate, the student is introduced to vocabulary words and begins to use simple sentences. There are games included as well to help the student practice their Spanish vocabulary skills.  The Flash Cards and CDs provide an interactive learning experience. This is a wonderfully unique way to learn a foreign language.

How We Used It

Josiah was convinced he knew Spanish already. I tried to explain to him that just because he can speak in a freakishly convincing Spanish accent does not mean he can actually speak Spanish. 

Aren’t kids funny?

I love the pace of this program. As I explained above, 1 lesson takes place over 3 days.
I want to walk you through a typical lesson.  This particular lesson was Lesson 5 (or cinco).  

Before Josiah started this particular lesson (which was on Day 1), I gathered the flash cards he would need.  There are 3 sets of flash cards. They are divided by 3 different colors…verde, azul and rojo (do you know your colors in Spanish?) and they are all numbered. On one side of the card is a picture of a phrase or vocabulary word. On the other side is the word in Spanish along with the English translation. I absolutely love this method. As you might know, Josiah is dyslexic. The reinforcement of the picture made things so much easier for him. 

The words for the lesson were:
            la cabeza – the head
            me duele – (it) hurts me
            el brazo – the arm
            el estómago – the stomach
         la mano – the hand

Josiah set up his CD player to the appropriate track (he would use tracks 14-16) on this day. And then he simply pushed play. As Señora Gose taught he followed her instructions by pointing to the appropriate card. I took this picture during Track 14. Looks like somebody needs to dust her TV!

Track 15 was additional practice.

Track 16 showed Josiah how to build sentences. 

Remember that this is Day 1. Day 2 will take him through the paces again and on Day 3 I will take over for Señora Gose and repeat the same lesson.

At the end of this lesson it is suggested that the student play charades while listening to the sentences they just learned. 

“Me duele la cabeza.”  My head hurts. Can you tell that someone can be just a tad bit dramatic?

“Me duele el estómago.” My stomach hurts. No. He's not dramatic at all.

“Me duele aquí.”  It hurts here. A little "true to life." Poor guy. He's got a tooth coming in. Now he can talk about it Spanish.

Josiah and I can now go to any Spanish speaking country and complain about a headache. Which is good because both of us suffer from just a little hypochondria.  

I wanted to show you another cool activity using the whiteboard paddle that comes with the program. This game is called ¡Paleta! (paddle).

The student plays Pictionary uses the nouns they have learned. ¡Paleta! wasn’t part of this particular lesson, but we thought it would be fun to play. Josiah is trying to stump me with “la mano.” I’m craftier than he thinks. He failed to put away the flash card with “la mano” clearly written on it. I tried not to look. I promise. Anybody else thinks this picture looks like a whiteboard paddle with eyebrows? 

Josiah wanted to play Show and Tell with a few of his favorite flash cards.

Here he is holding the “el gato” card. Which means “the cat.” This card was a big hit. The cat happens to look one of the cats who live at Josiah’s Ama and Papa’s farm.I'm not so sure what the crazy face is for. I think someone is showing off for the camera. 

Another card. Another cat. You can tell somebody likes cats. 

Josiah and I obviously did a little flash card investigating. Here is my favorite.

You guessed it. El cuarto de baño?

We love this program. I love the fact that it incorporates a good mixture learning styles. Not only that, but it’s just fun. And (which is a biggie for us at this season of life) I don’t have to carve out huge chunks of time. I also love that I can use See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish for the next 2 years. Consistency is the name of the game. This program is a great fit for Josiah and for our family.  It’s easy to use and well planned out.

Another plus is that this program is not just for homeschoolers. This would be a great addition to any family’s learning experiences.

You can purchase See It and Say It Spanish for $99.95.  That’s not too bad for 2 years of a foreign language.

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