Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Decor (for when you are pinching pennies)

So Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. And some of you (not mentioning any names here) have yet to add a few Fall touches to your home.

This is not meant to be the most comprehensive of decorating posts. There are 1,000's of ideas floating around for decorating for fall on a dime.  I want to share with you what I've done this year.

Now I have buckets of fall decorations in my storage building...willow pumpkins, fall garland. I haven't used it very much since we've lived in our apartment. For one, I don't want to haul stuff all over creation. And (and this is a biggie) the whole apartment living is tight.

I want to give you a few ideas about decorating for Fall with some things you might already have around the house. 

My little camera is having issues with taking pictures indoors. You will have to excuse my less than stellar shots.

Just squint your eyes a little and I'm sure they will look fine.

This is what the top of one of my bookshelves looks like. Most of the stuff is there year around (including the sweet vintage baby). I simply added a teapot that I found at the thrift store for .50. I put it on a silver tray. Josiah went out and gathered some branches for me and there you have it! The ceramic pumpkin I also found at the Thrift Store.

I love vintage china. This teapot came without the lid, but for .50 I can find other uses for it.

I actually made this wreath last year. I found the wreath with just the background foliage) at the Thrift Store for under $1. The letter "T" came from one of Hobby Lobby's super duper clearance aisles. I think I paid under .40. And with the exception of the pumpkin (which I found hanging out in my craft stuff) I made the rest of it. Yep. All those flowers came from my own widdle hands. They are really simple to make.

This is my coffee table. I had everything except for the pumpkin in the middle I found it guessed it! The Thrift Store! The pop-up leaves came from The Dollar Tree.

This piece of china is one that my mom gave me. I love using old books as part of my decor as well. I even bought a few one time (at the Thrift Store!) to make flowers out of....I couldn't bring myself to cut them up.

This little garland is hanging in my dining room. I made it out of paper bags.

Well. Look at that Cutie on the right!

My table also is decorated. You just can't see the decorations for all the junk covering it! I'm in full sewing mode right now and I've taken over the house. I did want to share a pic of this little guy.
I found him at The Thrift Store. He is sitting on my table with a chalkboard sign and another ceramic pumpkin.

The last thing I want to show you is our Thankful Tree. We do one every year. This year I made the trunk out of a couple of paper bags and then made the leaves out of some old sheet music (because as much as I try I can't sing all 4 parts at once).

It is not the prettiest tree I've ever done, but it's a tradition. I usually keep a couple of leaves lying around so that the family can add to the tree.

This is one of Josiah's leaves. 'Cause who isn't thankful for Mac and Cheese.

Happy Fall!

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