Monday, November 18, 2013

With Style

It is a difficult thing. To be raised by highly creative people.

You may say. "Why Rebekah? Aren't you highly creative yourself?"

In comparison, I am only a poser.

I walked into my Mom's sun room yesterday and was greeted to this.

Mom recently purchased a Takamine guitar. It was a fabulous deal and had been owned by a teenage girl who thought she might want to learn to play. The case was in pretty rough shape. So Mom decided to spruce it up a bit.

Not only does this woman (my Mom) have the pipes reminiscent of  Karen Carpenter.

She has the art stylings of a Winslow Homer. Mom is a beautiful artist. Her favorite medium is watercolor...though I think she did a great job with these craft store acrylics. Though I am not sure how Mr. Homer would feel about the polka dots. I personally love them.

So I'm thinking as I look around my house. I wonder what I can take to Mom for her to stylize. Laptop case? Sewing machine cover? Toaster? Too much?

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