Sunday, February 2, 2014

Suggestions and Reflections For A Snowy Day

It is safe to say that this has been one wild winter. Our local weatherpersons have been slanderously suggesting that we are not quite over with the white stuff. And in case you haven’t heard, ole Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. A very large groundhog lives under my parents’ barn. I suggest we ask him next year. Surely he will be more sensible. 

Snow days at our house aren’t all that different than any other day. Depending on the severity of the day we might nix our extracurricular activities, but it’s still a school day. 

I am always a bit amused when “northerners” poo-poo us hill folk for closing down shop whenever a bit of the white stuff makes an appearance. There is one nasty bit of weather that will defy your army of snow plows and snow blowers. It’s called ice. Those of us who are native to the region understand this. You try driving up a hill on the stuff. You might find yourself in a gully…or facing oncoming traffic. No thanks. I’d rather stay snug as a bug inside with my books and my family and leave the ice skating to the pros. And hope that we don’t lose power for 2 weeks (which has happened). Mention the ice storm of ’07 (or was it '06) and folks around here start twitching. 

I am one of those odd ducks who is seldom bored. It could be because when I was a child my mother threatened added chores when we came whining to her. “I’m bored!”  

 I learned quickly to occupy myself. There were always art supplies, books and games at the ready. We lived in the middle of nowhere in the Boston Mountains of Northern Arkansas (we moved north to the Missouri Ozarks when I was a teenager). Other than the boys across the woods who liked to pilfer through their neighbor’s belongings and tend their still (true story) our only neighbor was Mickey. She was a wonderfully sweet older lady whose parakeet collection seemed to grow daily. We could wander the ¼ mile to her house, but she was in league with my mother. She always had a floor ready to vacuum (all those parakeets) and a pile of mail to ready to move from one place to another. She, too, did not believe in being idle.

Fortunately, my son is another one of those odd ducks who always can find something to occupy his time.  It might be that I have picked up the “if you’re bored there are always chores” mantle. He is very good at occupying himself.

So what are my plans for the next days and weeks of winter? We will still be at our studies, but a boy can only “study” so many hours of the day without needing to build, destroy and create something.  I’m gathering supplies. Along with the gallon of milk (and my almond milk) I need to get before our next big weather event, I’m going check my supply of hot glue. I can’t imagine being trapped inside without it. Toilet paper we might could live without…hot glue is a necessity. There are a few other items on my list. Duct tape (of course!), maybe some extra baking soda for a science experiment. I am going to make sure I hit the library and the Kindle store. There are few books I can read over and over. My hot tea and coffee supply needs attention. I think I used the last of my tea bags (disgraceful) to dye some gift tags. Other than that, Josiah and I will occupy ourselves and enjoy every minute of our snowy days inside.  

 We just don’t do “bored.” If anyone even suggests that he is bored, I am going to suggest in something in turn. He could occupy his time with a  very congested and cluttered closet in his room. Try it. It works. 

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