Tuesday, February 4, 2014

All you need is love (and a little burlap): Valentine's Crafts

I love making stuff. Some stuff I make better than other stuff.

My favorite way to make stuff is using stuff I already have around the house. Or that I find at the Thrift Store.

There is something very satisfying re-purposing what I already have. Or making something new out of what someone has discarded. Not that I have ever dug in the trash for anything (uninteresting). 

I want to share a few projects that I've made with this and that. Maybe they will inspire you to use your odds and ends to add a little something special to your Valentine's Day. No special supplies necessary.

The picture below is the top of one of our bookshelves. Most everything I keep up all year long. The mirrors, lamp, books and baby doll are permanent residents of this particular bookshelf. The dwarf (from Snow White) was my grandmother's and is older than dirt. As is the baby. The red letter "T" is one I found at the Thrift Store. It was a country blue, but I grabbed the craft paint and made it mine. The red polka dotted flower actually is one I wear. I love polka dots. They make me happy.

I had originally stuck my wreath up there just to look at it from a distance and decided I liked it where it was.  I used a purchased foam wreath (it was the only thing I bought this year) and my leftover burlap to wrap around it.  Doesn't everybody have leftover burlap? I thought about using leftover sheet music (yes...I have some of that, too), but the burlap was calling my name. "Beke...Oh, Beke." Man, I need a nap!

Pay no mind to that hand. Unless you want to come give me a manicure.A few years ago, I purchased one of those large containers of paper flowers at Hobby Lobby. I have used them a number of times. I was going to decorate my wreath with fabric flowers, but this was so much easier. I have made flowers out of scrapbook paper, coffee filters, fabric, paper bags, old patterns and trash. I have a bit of a problem. Help me.

I also hot glued beads and buttons from my stash to add extra texture and dimension. My point is that you shouldn't feel like you have to go out and purchase new supplies whenever you create. Look around at what you already have. You can use anything to embellish with...spray paint some dried beans, old buttons from discarded clothing or broken jewelry. Some of my red beans are from a cheap necklace I had that broke. 

On the other side of the wreath I pinned a vintage card that I've had for years. I didn't use hot glue, because I might want to use this little girl another time. I love using old things. If you don't have any old things (other than yourself) you can always use your printer to print vintage cards or graphics. Or even use a handmade valentine from one of your children. I saw a cute wreath this year that used the "heart" cards from a deck of cards. It was darling.

These little birds are ones I purchased several years ago. They migrate from place to place. I like to spend my money on things that I really like...and that can be used in a variety of vignettes.

The last little thing I want to show you on my bookshelf is this sweet little valentine. It used to have a little printed tag that said, "I'm sweet on you." There is no telling where it has gotten off to. It probably joined our runaway socks.

A few years ago, I taught a card class at a nursing home. To make it easier, my mom and I cut all of the pieces we needed for the cards ahead of time.The ladies that were in the class were of varying degrees of ability and mental capacity. These cards were simply a pick and paste project.

 We all had such a lovely time making them. And the ladies were so proud of their creations.

 What is nice about creating Valentine's with what you have is that each one truly becomes unique. By the way....the bottoms of the cupcake were made from the innards of a piece of cardboard. Everything else was from the scrapbooking stash.

You can even use the kitchen to make extra special Valentine treats. Josiah and I like making playdough to share with little friends.One of our favorite recipes is this kool-aid recipe. The playdough smells so yummy! I used supplies from my scrapbooking stuff and snack baggies to package our playdough. I purchase kool-aid every now and again to keep just for this purpose. Over Christmas we made Gingerbread playdough, but the kool-aid playdough is wonderful for any special event...just pick your poison (literally).

I have a few other plans for this year. I love these Paper Bag Treat Bags and these Stuffed Paper Hearts. They might show up in the next few weeks. Paper Bags are always in great supply at our house, but I am sure any paper material would work.

Before you go and dig through your trash (just don't tell my husband I encouraged this), Check out how I used the same principles of "using what you have" to decorate and craft last year for Valentine's by clicking the graphic below. Have fun!


I am linking up this post to the TOS Valentine's Day Resources Round Up. I am excited to see what everyone has posted this year! You can see for yourself by clicking on the banner. It goes live February 5!

Valentine's Day RoundUp

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