Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coming tomorrow: 5 Days of Culinary Adventures For Boys

Tomorrow begins 5 Days of Culinary Adventures for Boys here on the blog. I need to first emphasis that these Adventures are not just for boys. Girls, new and seasoned cooks alike are all welcome to participate. 

However, I am the mother of an only son. I’ve talked plenty about how important it is for me to teach my guy to cook. The topics I am covering are presented in a way that I feel has been most effective for my adventurous and curious son. I also need to mention he is a notoriously picky eater. Anybody else one of those? 

Traditionally, woman have been keepers of the home. I am, myself, the “keeper of the home.” This is not to say that my husband does not pitch in and share of some of those responsibilities. Because I’ve experienced a major health crisis or two, the Studly Muffin has had to step in ways that he never imagined.  

I’ve also had to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around me. If everyone in my house can’t function without my ever hovering presence I am not doing my job as a parent. 

That is just my opinion. Don’t throw things at me. I don’t have very good reflexes.
Here are a few other reasons. 

1.      Nutrition. In today’s world it would be really easy for Josiah never have to eat out the kitchen again. There is a restaurant and drive-thru on every corner. That being said, I want him to be able to take control of his own nutrition. Part of my own weight loss success has been because I was raised in a nutrition and whole foods minded household. I was given the tools as a young person to navigate a kitchen and a garden. My mom made granola before it was cool. 

2.      Finances. All the restaurant eating can be costly. Josiah needs to know how to cook from scratch. It will help him become more aware of his budget and how he can stretch it. 

3.      Tools for life. Cooking not only gives you the ability to care for yourself, but it also encourages skills beyond the kitchen. Math, reading, science, problem solving. The list is endless.

4.      Confidence. There is nothing better than creating an awesome dish. Josiah came home from one of his activities and was chattering about his friend (who is 13) and how he had made supper for his family. Can you imagine boys bragging to each other about who can make the best tasting chicken dinner? Josiah was impressed…he is now ready to take on a meal by himself. We’ll see. I am not sure if Mama is ready. 

This week I am going to provide you with resources, tips and challenges to help you encourage even the busiest of boys in their own culinary adventures. 

Come back tomorrow. It will be a Kitchen Boot Camp! 


P.S. I need to also mention that this week I will be part of a larger blog hop. Stay tuned for some good stuff! 

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