Friday, May 2, 2014

A is for Abandon

So I'm trying something new. A fellow homeschool mom and blogger (and wonderfully sweet person) hosts an Blogging Through the Alphabet link up on her blog, Ben and Me, every week. She has done it for a few years now and this not the first time a round has started up and I've thought, "I sure would like to do that."

But then my life happens and before along those who are participating are Blogging about the letter "P" and I've yet to start with "A." This girl needs a few naps. Just sayin'...

So I've taken the proverbial bull by the horn and have decided to jump into the mix. Here it goes!

When most of us think of the word "Abandon" we see derelict houses or rusty cars. Sad shells of something that once was. Whenever I pass a broken down farmhouse in the country I wonder what life had been like for those who had lived there. There is no longer the laughter of children, steady hands put to chores or the humming of a living, breathing household.

The word itself seems to imply hopelessness and decay.

I, however, am choosing to see "Abandon" in a different light.

Have you ever the expression to "dance with abandon?"

As tempted as I am to wear my tutu to the grocery store, I recognize that to completely live without abandon is not responsible. But I also recognize that I have been weighed down by the cares of the world and my own expectations. I want to lift my head, flip my hair, twirl and skip.

What weighs you down? What have you being carrying for far too long?

I can tell you what I need to Abandon.

I need to stop telling myself I will never finish what I started. I need to be more comfortable in my own skin and stop listening to those voices in my head that tell me that who I am is not enough.

I need to Abandon those former things. My past regrets and failures.

I love this verse in Isaiah.

Isn't it exciting? I don't have to hold on to my disappointments, bad attitudes and cranky days. 
God is ready to do a NEW thing! It's up to me to Abandon the OLD. 


  1. Rebekah- If you go to the store in your tutu, call me! Would love to see the look on people's faces that probably have a need to abandon as well! ;) Great post and a reminder I needed this week. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Michele. I keep threatening my son that one day I'll throw caution to the wind and strut my stuff. He's 12 and at that stage where I might embarrass him at any moment.


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