Monday, July 7, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014: Arrgh!

It's over. Cousin Camp 2014.

I'm presently sitting on my couch starring at a mountain of stuff I need to put away. I thought about calling in sick this morning, but my job as homemaker, mom, wife and homeschool teacher doesn't allow much of that. At least I can sit on my couch. At the farm (location of Cousin Camp 2014) the couch was generally occupied by a camper or a cat (or possibly both).

What am I talking about! There wasn't much time for sitting. There was plenty of fun (along with a vile case of the stomach flu, a raging bull, a fever and a broken dryer).

My intention was to share photos and such last week while our fun was still fresh in my head, but I decided that an earlier bedtime was more beneficial.

So Day 1. Each Day we visited a different port of call on our Pirate Adventure. On Day 1 we went to Nicaragua. Why? Because that is the place of my birth. Mom made short videos for every Port we visited (because there has to be some educational value in all this!) and each day I added to our Pirate Stash different mementos and the like from the places we visited.

Monday was also Pirate Initiation Day. The Cousins all got their pirate names, costumes, signed a pirate oath and read through the Pirate Code.

I made Wanted Posters for all the Cousins. I'll share their Pirate names and crimes committed in just a bit. They were a hoot. If I do say so myself!

Everyone signed the Pirate Oath with their Pirate signature.

I did shamelessly "pirate" the Pirates Oath from a Disney site...By the time I got this far in my prep for Cousin Camp my brain cells were mush.

This needs to be the part of the blog in which I apologize profusely for the ridiculous number of pictures I am about to share. However, I just couldn't bring myself to edit. If I didn't want to get back to my book reading....I would have included more.I should also apologize for my appalling lack of editing. I'm so tired my eyes are crossing.

The Pirates donned their Pirateware and headed outside for a photo shoot. My mom took pictures and I counted. I counted to 3 and they were supposed to change poses. This went one for quite some time. The little one at the end needs some Pirate lessons. She had the same pose.

You see what I mean. She is pretty cute.

She was doing her best to look ferocious.  I am sure of it.

The older ones really got into it. Though I am not sure how much damage they could do with inflatable swords. We planned it that way.

I mean really! She is soooo cute I could just eat her up. Arrgh!

I just can't stand all this cuteness!

We eventually had everybody exit the deck and head out to the pond. I just have  to say a bit about the tutus. I spend quite a bit of time tying tutus. They got a lot of use. I do have bits and pieces leftover. I'm thinking of making one for wearing around the house. The Muffin wouldn't know what hit him!

Josiah Bevan and Cade are only 8 weeks apart in age. They also both have some issues with the whole eye patch thing.

No eye patch issues here!

Did you ever see such a Pirate?

  I need to explain the numbers on the shirts. We number the Cousins in their birth order. This one (Brynn) was born 7th in the lineup.

So much fun!

I am fairly certain Cousin #1 (on the right) can take Cousin #2).

Now on to some individual introductions. This my friend is Lady Pebbles Fluffbucket.  She is wanted for Flagrant Innocence, cooking the Royal Goose and not laughing at an unfunny joke.

Number 7 is Miss Periwinkle Peg Leg.  She is wanted for Cat Laundering, Impersonating a fish and laughing in the face of certain doom.

Number 6 is Queen Sea Pearl Silvergrim. She is wanted for  wearing a fake mustache, taking a bath and not returning it and stealing bees.

Number 5 is Sassy Topaz Dragonshorts. She is wanted for promising a false dowry, sheep wrestling and stealing air.

Number 4 is Plunderin' Stubby Sharkbait (oohaha). He is wanted for having shifty eyes, poisoning the King's Fish and impersonating a flautist. 

Number 3 is Two Toes Bones Barnacle. His crimes include illegal possession of a bandana, pig-knapping and coin shaving.

 Number 2 is Crusty Pickle Barbarossa. He is wanted for  chicken herding, scratching without permission and beating pickles.

Number 1 is Scurvy Scarlett Storm of the Sea. She is wanted for Goat painting, defacing the King's Swans and fugicide.

After we had properly displayed our Pirateness we all gathered for Pirate Games. Isn't this the cutest? These the two oldest cousins (they are twins and 17) and the youngest. She's 5. And Fierce.

Aw. The dreaded Sack Race.

Walk the Plank! 

A little cannonball bursting!

And eating unmentionable treats from the deep (octopus!)

We threw food at Bald Bart's Mouth. 

And bounced. The boys weren't as happy with this game.

 They are taller and the balls are smaller.

Miss Periwinkle Peg Leg wiped Sharkbait (oohaha) off the map.

I think he finally gave up. 

The bouncy ball really didn't work out for Mr. Crusty Pickle here. He is almost 6 ft. tall.

These Pirates are Vicious competitors. They must all get it from other people. I am the least competitive person I know.

For Cooking School we fried up some yummy Plantanos. 

And did some music out on the deck.Somebody must have stepped on Sassy Topaz Dragonshort's tutu. I can't figure out the frown.

This one (Maddy). Otherwise known as  Queen Sea Pearl Silvergrim turned 10 on this day. We celebrated with a sparkly cake.

That smile! She is a treasure. 

Well that's all I got (and everyone breathed a sigh a thankfulness). Tomorrow I will share about Water Day and a Floating Island. And a couple of cranky bulls. You never know what is going to go down at Pirate Camp.

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