Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014: Day 2- Squirt Me With Your Best Shot

Welcome to my recap of Cousin Camp Day 2. Or as I like to call it "Run For Your Lives!"

On this day our Port of Call was the Caribbean. All of it. Instead of pinpointing a specific place we just oohed and awed over videos of blue water and white beaches. Neither of us (me and Mom) have been. Though if you stare at the pond long enough...

We also started the morning with a causality. Crusty Pickle (Cousin #2) had an altercation with the stomach bug. He perked up around lunch (you can't keep a good pirate down).

After breakfast, swabbing the deck and getting our pirate orders, we headed outside armed with our trusty water squirters. I shouldn't say "we." I didn't have a water squirter. I did, however, promise a slow and painful death to anyone who even looked at me funny with one in his or her hand. I am not opposed to a little water squirt. These particular pirates are vicious. I can't even tell you how nasty it would have gotten.

See what I mean? 

I would have barely escaped with my life.

We now take a short break from this vicious pirate battle for a little song and dance routine.

Girls after my own heart. Nothing like a water squirter to put you in the mood for a little chorus line.

I almost expected a loud of chorus of "All that Jazz."

Don't let their sweet steps full you. A minute later they were wailing on some poor unsuspecting cousin.  It was all a clever ruse.


Never turn your back on a girl with a water squirter.

Just precious. That little one. Sigh.

They did eventually gang up on Scurvy Scarlett (Cousin #1).

I'm not quite sure, but she might have been heading to Oklahoma. 

After the Battle on the High Seas the Cousins decided to chill out in our luxurious Blow Up Pool. Josiah didn't understand the rules involved in a Blow Up Pool. He treated it like he was doing the Free in 9 ft. of water. Down boy! 

While the cousin were "Chillaxin" Mom gave Solomon (The BBD) a much needed brushing.

He liked it.

After lunch the Pirates/Cousins gathered around the table for odds and ends of craft doings.

There was necklace making.

Bracelet weaving.

And aggressive hammering. We made Tin Can Lanterns for the Deck.

Cooking School on this day was Floating Island (recipe forthcoming).

Who says real men can't measure?

Cousin #2's scarf became it's own legend. It eventually stunk so much we threatened to banish it.

Before supper chores included a little potato digging.

When I was little I loved picking potatoes. We enjoyed those very potatoes for supper that night.

The final activity for the day was a movie out on the deck. You can't see all the Pirates camped out with pillows and blankets. Cousin #1 popped a million bags of popcorn, loaded a candy trolly and we were set. I did get chased away by mosquitoes eventually. They generally aren't that bad at the Farm. I had generally sprayed myself with Cutter. It didn't matter. I must be exceptionally sweet.

That's it for Day 2. I promised a raging bull in recap, but I can't find his picture. He and the bull across the road snarled and snorted at each other all week. Who says the country is a quite place to visit? I felt like I was back in my neighborhood. Minus a siren or 4.

Tomorrow we are visiting India! There are boat races! Stay tuned.

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