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A TOS Review: Clued in Kids

Who doesn't like a treasure hunt? Clued in Kids was started just a year ago by Helen Bertelli. She always loved treasure hunts as a child and started creating treasure hunts for her own children. She realized 3 important truths about treasure hunts. They were memorable way to teach, they got kids up and moving and they remind us that life is a journey to treasure. Helen and her daughter both experienced a devastating health crisis. Having my own health crisis I can appreciate the beauty that can come from such a trying time in one's life. You can read more of her story here.

I was blessed to review two treasure hunts from Clued in Kids. Soccer Treasure Hunt and Christmas Treasure Hunt Greeting Card.

As you might have guessed Clued in Kids is a company that provides all manner of fun and engaging treasure hunts.

The Soccer Treasure Hunt came to me in a PDF. It costs $5.99 and can be played by one or 10. It is recommended for ages 4 and up, but I would think that the kids playing this game would need to have some math skills or have an older sibling to help them along.

I printed off the PDF (which was only 8 pages long). I simply just cut the pages in half as instructed.

Both hunts came with instructions and tips for use.

Set up was extremely easy. I think it took me about 10 minutes to work it out. One page is this handy key that I used to place my clues.

There were a few clue locations I had to improvise. My napkin basket was out of napkins so I stuck this clue (which was to be put with the napkins) in the paper towel holder. I just told Josiah to think about what we used when we were out of napkins. I'm just glad he didn't head for his shirt drawer.

One clue also sent Josiah to a grill. We don't have a grill, but I use a stovetop grill frequently. Josiah knew what to look for.

I appreciated that the Soccer Treasure Hunt made Josiah use some math skills.

Some of the activities were simple puzzles or activities like this dot-to-dot. (Love the dot-to-dot!)

The clues took him all over the house.

Just a little aside. When he saw that I was taking pictures he wanted me to make sure I let 'you' know that he really isn't a Colts fan. His Grandma is, however, and he is wearing the jersey in honor of her. Boys.

One of the clues even required Josiah to bounce a ball around. He was apply to oblige.

He had a great time with the hunt. The last clue to took to his shoes where I hid his "prize." He got to make brownies. Which was really a prize for all of us.

The Christmas Treasure Hunt Greeting Card is a physical product. It costs $9.95 and actually came addressed to me in the mail like a card!

It came with instructions, Christmas tattoos, a treasure pouch and the clues. It is intended for ages 4 and up and can be played with 1 or 10! 

 This treasure hunt is to be played during the Christmas Season. I had to be a bit creative with some of my hiding places. But I'm a homeschool mom! We improvise all the time.

The activities were simple. This one just was a fun Christmas symbol puzzle.

One clue required me to hide in the Christmas Tree. Even I couldn't get myself to put up the tree this early in the season so I drew one on the White Board. Don't laugh. Josiah thought it was beautiful. You can see the clue perched just above it.

This is funny. Josiah had to stand at the front door and say "Ho Ho Ho" just like Santa.
He also insisted on wearing his robe for this treasure hunt. He said he wanted to be in the Christmas Spirit. Now we know.

This boy looks ready for a cup of Hot Chocolate!

Here is another funny story. You can see that this clue requires Josiah to go to a neighbor's door and sing a carol. We live in a apartment building and none of our neighbors were home at the time. I suggested that maybe he could stand on the balcony and serenade the neighborhood. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. He was wearing his robe, after all.

You can tell we both a good time. I think that is what it's all about. Making time for one another and "treasuring the journey."

Both treasure hunts were loads of fun. They were easy to pull off. In fact, the prep time required from me was to wander about my house putting the clues in their spot.  Josiah is dyslexic and a few clues required more help for me. In particular the ones that that were scrambled words. He tends to scramble words anyway. It was no trouble for me...we had fun together. I really believe that both activities were great for him. Both helped him with following directions.

 The Christmas Hunt is one I plan on pulling out during the Christmas season. In fact, it has inspired me to host Josiah's cousins for a Christmas slumber party. This will be a fun activity for all of them.

The Soccer Hunt is also one I can use time and time again. It does have activities that require a pencil and some math skills. It will be a fun break in a busy school day or a treat after a long week.

I need to mention that Clued in Kids has a wide variety of hunts..including one for kiddos who are Gluten Free. You can sign up for the Clued in Kids newsletter here and receive a free Homework Reward Treasure Hunt.

Click on the banner below for more reviews. You can also connect with Clued in Kids.

Twitter: @cluedinkids

Happy Hunting! 

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