Thursday, October 30, 2014

Still Waters

There is an old-timey theme park not too far from us. My favorite ride (of all time) is called the Lost River. It lazily meanders through some peaceful waters and then without warning the riders are propelled into choppy (and very wet) waters.

It's hysterical. I have been known to howl while riding the thing. It's a pleasant howl, I assure you.

What is not so pleasant are those metaphoric choppy waters that life seems to send our way. I personally prefer the tranquil waters (who doesn't). But I've found more that I grow when the water is rushing around me.

It's during those times that I am reminded of what I've been neglecting or what my focus should be.

Lately, I've been waking up feeling like I never went to sleep.

I felt more rested during Josiah's newborn days. He's almost 13. It's been awhile.

I can't explain how I feel. Most days are productive ones. If all I can get done is to make sure that everybody in my house eats I consider it better than some days I've had. I have certainly had times in my life when the days were dark and only seemed like they would get darker.

Still. There is a nagging. A silent uneasiness in the back of my mind. It could be that I've put more on my plate than necessary. It could be that I am focusing too much on what I am not getting done. It could be that I am not paying attention to the important things...that I am letting the trivial cares of this life weigh me down.

It happens to all of us.

I vowed many years ago that I wouldn't let the beauty around me go unnoticed. I found myself driving through a particularly beautiful part of town the other day. As I saw the majestic trees with their brilliant leaves dot the street, I worried that I was to preoccupied to really enjoy it.

Leave it to me to notice the beauty of the trees and then worry that I'm not enjoying it enough.

Our world is filled with noise. Everyone is clamoring to be heard. We've lost our joy in the appreciation of a simple way of life.

Even the smallest crisis can fill our days with dread.

There are some things that are out of our hands. There are some healings that won't happen this side of heaven.

There isn't a plan in God's Word for a more productive day or a day without trouble. He simply tells us to rest in Him.

We are encouraged to remember that He is with us during those rough times. That the rivers will not overwhelm us.

My part in all of this is that I start my day in His presence. That I cast my cares upon Him. And that I do the best I can do with what He has given me.

This requires me to be Still. To turn off the distractions and make my time with Him sacred.

This requires me to keep my eyes fixed upon Him. In all things. Even when the waters get a little rough.

My heart is drawn to Psalm 23. He leads me by the Still Waters. He restores my soul. What a beautiful promise!

By the way...the pictures I used in this post were taken by my talented Mama. They are from two separate springs here in Missouri. I invaded her digital photo files. I realize that sounds like some sort of alien attack.I assure you that I mean no harm (I come in peace). It's getting late...I better get to bed while I'm still ahead.

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