Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Letter ~ 2014

So I am sitting here posting from our Christmas headquarter's this year. Somewhere in Illinois at my Bro-in-Law's House.

Instead of stuffing my face with all of the candy and cookies that are just in arm's reach, I thought I would share a end of the year Christmas letter with you.

Such as it is.

When thinking about our comings and goings this year, I really don't have much to report.

We are simply....uninteresting folks. A little crazy. But uninteresting.

But here it goes. You have my permission to make up more colorful adventures if it makes the reading go easier.

This guy turned 13 in November. He's gotten a few zits and grown a few more inches.

This is his 3rd year on the YMCA swim team. He also has taken up cycling with his Dad. During the spring and summer they will ride together every Friday. Generally about 12-15 miles or so. Which gives me plenty of time to sit on the couch and contemplate being busy. I do it well.

We do homeschool and Josiah's favorite subject (other than lunch) is history. He also attends a PE class twice a week at a local university and we have a reading club every Thursday.

Josiah tends to be a Super Fan of his flavor of the moment. For several years, he loved Indiana Jones. He dressed up like Indiana Jones. He recreated his favorite scenes from the movie and wanted to be an archaeologist. Then he went through his Star Wars phase. This year the "flavor" is Football.

Mind you...he doesn't actually play football. He just has decided it is possibly the coolest sport on the planet. He has asked to be called Peyton Manning on more than one occasion and talks football stats like a pro. It is a bit frightening for this Non Sports Fan Mama. I just don't get it.

He is the Master Power Point Technician for Worship Service at church. He does a much better job than I do. I tend to daydream.

But I good reason to.

Isn't he the dreamiest?

The Studly Muffin and I celebrated 23 years of mawage this year!

He is still working as the Associate Pastor at our church and at Gospel Publishing House. His big hobby is Cycling. During warm weather he rides approx. 60 miles every weekend.

In September, Troy completed his 2nd Bike MS. It is 150 mile ride from Springfield to Joplin and back. I'm so proud of him. He has all of the dedication and discipline I only wish I had.

He was able to purchase a new bike this year. It's current home is in our living room. Yep. We love that bike.

Obviously, my guys love to be together. They are my loves.

And then there is me.

If you read my blog at all you probably know everything there is to know about me.

I have been busy doing the usual things. Housework, laundry, dishes.

Okay. You got me. At least I try and do those things. Sometimes a nap calls.

We didn't get to go on vacation this year, but we did have visits from family.

We also got to participate in a Fun Walk. I know that for most of you walking a Mile is not a big deal. For me, however, it was everything. There was a time that I didn't know if I would be able to walk at all. It has taken many years, but the fact is that I made it. I was last....even the tiny kids out walked me. But I got there!

You can see my cheering section below. Fun Walk's are serious business. 

And my view was pretty great. I have some pretty neat opportunities this year. I got to speak to a group of YMCA employees and our local Y used me in a promo video. I got to talk about some of my experiences. I promise I barely embarrassed myself. I did forget to put an earring in. Yep. I wore one dangly earring through the whole piece.

I can't end a Christmas Letter without talking about our Pirate Cousin Camp.

My Mom and I hosted the 4th Annual Cousin Camp. We had more fun than anybody should have.

We are already planning this next Summer's cousin camp. We have the theme and everything!

You  might have to just stay tuned. I'm not ready to give away all my secrets.

This next year we are hoping for great things. God has been so good!

Mom and I are starting a new little online cottage shop (more info soon). This is a brand new venture so please keep us in  your prayers.

Troy and I  are praying that God just uses us and continues to grow our faith. We are always amazed at His faithfulness.

Our prayer for all of you is that everyone finds a real relationship with God. That you are blessed beyond measure and that you and yours treasure each moment together.

Merry Christmas (and have a piece of fudge on me...I am considering applying duct tape to my mouth)!

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