Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Abraham Lincoln Printables and Links (just in ti me for President's Day!)

One of our favorite subject in this house is history. It's more than just the places and events that intrigue us...it's the people. 

We might be just a little nosy. 

One of my particular favorite forms of literature are biographies. Again...I might be just a bit nosy. 

I have read several excellent biographies about Abraham Lincoln and one terrific one about his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. 

I think he was just a fantastic person all the way around. I want to share with you a few links and ideas that you can incorporate into your own study of our 16th president. We tend to do more hands-on, interactive kinds of things. Which means I love to go poking around the internet so I can see it for myself (we do live in Missouri, after all). 

I created a group of notebooking pages for Honest Abe. There are 7 pages included. The majority of them are intended for a biography report I am going to do with our little reading group in a few weeks. The boys (in particular) seem to do with more graphic organization. You can do what you will with them. We are going to quite a bit of reading about the President and then make our reports. 

As far as books go...I have a few on my bookshelf that I've used for years. (I am not an affiliate of Amazon..they don't allow it in Missouri...so don't worry about using my links).

Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books by Kay Winters. This is really a great book. There is also a FREE lapbook available at Homeschoolshare.com

DK Readers L3: Abraham Lincoln: Lawyer, Leader, Legend 

Abraham Lincoln -God's Leader for a Nation

 Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom (Heroes of History) - A YWAM book! These are so well done. 

Abe Lincoln Grows Up  - I found this one at the Thrift Store this past summer. I am planning on pulling it out as part of our President's Day study. 

I am sending you to the Biography section at An Old-Fashioned Education. There are several links to FREE and just plan terrific older books. I enjoyed reading through Lincoln's Yarns and Stories: (a complete collection of the funny and witty anecdotes that made Lincoln famous as America's greatest story teller) by Alexander McClure. 

Anyhoo. Old-Fashioned Education has put all of those wonderful resources on one page for us to enjoy. 

Do you have any littles in the house that enjoys paper dolls? Here is a link for President Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln paper dolls. I adore paper dolls. Josiah...not so much. 

Next I'm sharing a few videos from youtube I looked up. 

This one is short and put out by Disney. Perfect for the young crowd. 

This is the full documentary from the History Channel. 

This is the 1939 movie starring Henry Fonda. It is partially fictionalized, but here is an interesting fact. In 2003, Young Mr. Lincoln was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Here is a link to a webquest. I haven't tested all the links, but I am going to do this with Josiah. He loves webquests. 

This is a PBS resource page featuring "Looking For Lincoln." There are all sorts of fun and interesting tidbits here. 

Take a virtual field trip! The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, Mary Lincoln Todd House. the Lincoln Home National Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial National Monument and the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial are not near our neck of the woods,but we can visit online! 

This is a great page. It's perfect for kids needing to do their own research. She has quite a list of external resources; some I probably have mentioned here. 

Add a little science to your study. This video is fascinating! "What are the odds the coffee you are drinking has the same water molecules as Abraham Lincoln's?" Do I want to know?

Here is a nice poster to print and color from crayola.com. I think it would be fun to add to your notebooking pages or even collect a whole set of presidents.  

This video ,featuring the Gettysburg Address, is from the Library of Congress. 

This site has a few crafts and writing activities. We are going to make the stove pipe hat in our reading club. 

So that's about it for me. There are so many things to do! And I'm not talking about my laundry. 

I'm part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew Round-Up. Go check it out!

Presidents Day Resources

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