Wednesday, January 14, 2015

That's how the cookie crumbles...A Weight Loss Post

Welcome to my weekly healthy living update.

How has everyone doing? I’ve had some ups and downs.

I will say that it’s really hard to let those times I’ve not done so well defeat me. The key is not to let the disappointment I have in myself defeat me.

You see. There were some Oreos at my house this week. We generally don’t keep junk food. 

However, we had gotten a package for our Children’s church snack for Sunday and forgot to grab them on the way out the door.

Do you ever have those days that your willpower seems superhuman? I have. But not this week.

I think a certain hormonal event has a lot to do with that.

But. I started again fresh. I think I've been guilty for quite some time of letting circumstances dictate how I feel about myself or about the world in general. It's hard not to. We have so much pain and uncertainty around us. It almost feels frivolous to worry about the color of my hair or how much weight I can lose. 

Then again I think that might be an excuse to eat more Oreos. No more excuses, right! 

I did have some victories this week. I checked my blood sugar faithfully and guess what? It was really good. I also was faithful to eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water.

I missed a few days of exercise. There were a few days that were extremely cold. I had to make do with stretching out and doing some light weights.

My goals for this week is to continue to be consistent with what I have set forth to do. I also need to plan better for my sweet tooth.

I haven’t weighed this month yet. To be honest I am anxious to. I feel bloated and puffy. I am using my clothing as indicator right now. And right now my jeans that are usually a bit loose are tight.


I’ll keep you posted. And keep the excuses to a minimum. 

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