Monday, January 12, 2015

What I'm Fixin': Nothing like a good deal...

I'm doing it! Another week and another meal plan. If only I could be as consistent with my laundry.

Saturday we got to visit one of the Discount Groceries in our area. I got some great deals! It makes planning meals so much easier (and cheaper).


Chicken Salad - Actually it's turkey. My mom sent me home with leftover turkey (including the carcass). Yay! I am going to do whatever I can with that turkey. Starting with an easy, but delicious chicken salad.
Other Stuff- I will set out some kettle chips (for my boys), bread, cottage cheese and lettuce for me to wrap the chicken in, sliced tomatoes...whatever I have in my fridge.


Turkey Carcass Soup - this is a good recipe. I'm telling you. This soup is good for whatever ails you. My husband generally likes a sandwich on the side.


Mexican Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas - I love I am going to eat my serving with low carb tortillas. I did find a wonderful deal on them at the discount grocery for .99 a package. I will also serve homemade guac and salsa.

Thursday - This day is our Reading Club day. Because we are gone for several hours this is a good day to put something in the crockpot. However, this week My Muffin is taking a vacation day. We will still go to our reading club, but I will fix him something special just for being home.

Alfred Mac and Cheese with Shrimp - I am going to use the Pioneer Woman's alfredo recipe, Dreamfield's macaroni noodles and some sauteed shrimp. Yummers!
Green Beans - canned from my Daddy's garden!

Friday - Our family day! I plan on making Red Beans and Rice. The best I ever tasted was at a friend's house. I am hoping to get the recipe this week. I'll share :
Red Beans and Rice

Have a great week!

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  1. I would love a good red beans and rice recipe!


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