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A TOS Review: In Freedom's Cause

I love, love history. I love reading historical novels and watching movies based on historical events. The big screen helps things come alive for me. Though I might be the only gal on the planet who hasn’t seen Braveheart. I know it’s about William Wallace and I have this memory in my head of the trailer that features Mel Gibson running about in blue face paint.  One of my new favorite history resources actually comes via audio theatre.  More specifically, Heirloom Audio Productions and their fantastic production of In Freedom’s Cause Single Package has found a place of honor amongst our ‘favorite history resources.”

I was blessed to review a whole package of wonderful things. I received:

The beauty of the audio drama is how easy it is to enjoy. This 2 CD set is approximately 2 ½ hours long and tells the story of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce...hence my earlier reference to Mel Gibson and his blue paint.
William Wallace inspired a nation and changed history. His heroic deeds also moved Robert the Bruce to action. He would eventually gain Scotland’s freedom. This is that story. Wallace was a passionate man of God and this production makes no apologies or sidetracks that part of history.

The story itself is based on G.A. Henty’s In Freedom’s Cause.  He is a British historical novelist from the late 19th century. We have personally enjoyed several of his books. They are always action packed and full of wonderful truths. This audio drama has been such a pleasure to listen to. It has brought all of the passion and adventure right to our home here in the Ozarks.

And the cast! They are absolutely superb. We were excited to hear a few familiar voices. Billy Boyd (from Lord of the Rings), Skandar Keynes (played Edmund in the Chronicles of Narnia and Joanne Froggatt (plays Anna in Downton Abbey!). I was so pleased the quality of the whole production. It was just a delight to listen to.
We also received the In Freedom’s Cause Study Guide in digital form. It is 49 pages long and is intended for all ages. It is divided into these kinds of questions.

Listening Well – these make up comprehension questions.
Thinking Further - these are questions that go deeper into the story.
Defining Words – this what exactly what it sounds like!

There is also a Bible Study guide included.

I used the Study Guide primarily as a resource for me. I was able to use the questions to facilitate conversation.

I also received the In Freedom’s Cause Soundtrack. It is an MP3 download. This was a big hit in our house. We loved the music and it just feels epic. We also really enjoyed the digital download of The Prayer of William Wallace. It is beautifully done. The prayer is taken from Psalm 23 and we can hear Wallace recite it in the production.

My Thoughts

This product was such a joy to review. We used it a little bit of everywhere. In fact, we were in the car when the first CD ended. Josiah looked at me and said, “Is that it? How am I supposed to know what happens?” Poor guy. He was relieved to know we had more to go!

Because this is a historical drama, I found that having the Study Guide available to guide our conversation was helpful.

One of the darker moments in the story is when Wallace is tortured to death. In Freedom’s Cause does not shy away from that painful party of history, but it does it in such a way that will not be disturbing for younger children. It was, however, very sobering to listen to.  I feel that it was timely given the horrific persecution that is taking place against Christians in parts of the world today. Again…if you are the parent of a young child I don’t feel that this production is going to frighten them. The folks who produced treated the story with respect.

The production is intended for ages 6-Adult and there is plenty of great information on the website if you want to inquire further.

I am so pleased that I get to have In Freedom’s Cause as part of our audio library. It will be one we listen to again and again. It is not only fascinating history, but it speaks of great Faith. I can’t think of anything better.

We were also given notice that Heirloom Audio Productions is getting ready to release yet another G.A.Henty book. It is With Lee in Virginia which talks about our own Civil War. Stay tuned!

You can connect with In Freedom’s Cause through the following social media. Click on the banner below to read more reviews.

In Freedom's Cause Review

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