Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What I'm Fixin': Going Bunless...

Yes, Ma'am! It's Monday.

Boo! Hiss!

You can tell I've jumped into my week with a sweet attitude. The weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny. Warm.


I woke up this morning to 35 degree weather. Really? I know some of you are rolling your eyes. How can I complain about 35 degree weather? Let's see. Cloudy, cold and miserable. Sunny, warm and springy. You take your pick. I know which one I would rather go with.

Despite my protests Monday is here and so begins the week. My menu this week has to be easy and healthy. We have a busy week and thankfully, I only have to worry about what to fix 4 nights this week. I do follow the Trim Healthy Mama Eating Plan and we are generally at my parents' farm for the weekend. Thus the strange references to certain products.

Monday - Take out burgers. Yep. I did it. The Drive-Thru is sometimes my friend. Josiah has swim team practice tonight and we have to leave early to run an errand. Sometimes the $1 menu is what we have to do. This is one of those nights. In my defense, my burger is going bunless. It is has been hard for my frugal self to set aside my bun, but I sure feel so much better without it.

Tuesday - Chicken Tetrazinni and roasted asparagus.  I don't exactly have a recipe figured out for this yet. My traditional recipe is not Trim Healthy Mamafied so I'm going to attempt to do just that. I'm using Dreamfield's pasta.

Wednesday - Burrito Bowl (inspired by Chipolte).

Thursday - Meatball Subs and pasta salad. I'm using leftover meatballs that I have in my freezer and making up a pasta salad I can fix ahead of time. I'm using a Joseph's pita for my sub and keeping the pasta out of my salad. I've got broccoli, grape tomatoes and a green pepper to put in the salad. And maybe a can of black olives. Josiah loves black olives.

Friday - The Muffin is taking me out to eat! I'm voting for Sushi. We shall see...

Have a great week!

I'm linking up to Meal Plan Monday at orgjunkie.com

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