Thursday, March 19, 2015


According to the calendar tomorrow is Spring.

I sure hope it means it. I refuse to wear any kind of winter clothing after the first day of Spring. It's my way of shedding off my winter coat (figuratively and literally).

This winter has been particularly difficult for many folks. I, myself, have struggled a bit physically.  I have about as much motivation as a watered down bowl of pudding. Don't ask me exactly what that means. It just sounds dreary.

I recognize that my body isn't behaving the way it needs's fickle that way. And more than anytime I can remember, I have struggled with brain fog. I'm generally a little fruity, but at least I'm always aware of it. I was having a conversation with a friend today. We both agreed that it has been months since we put two intelligent thoughts together. She has five kids. I have Josiah. He's at least worth five or six.

Growing up, I was never allowed to suffer for too long. Mom always dreamed up some sort of project to occupy my time. Even after I was recovering from a debilitating car accident I was constantly introduced to hobbies. I had barely started sitting up when she found a way for me to use my sewing machine from my hospital bed.

True Story.

 I've decided that I need to activate my brain a little bit. I am going to try and create something every day. Other than a mess. Or a good cup of coffee.

Yesterday I made a flower pin and a card for Josiah's Swim Team Coach. She is leaving us (boo hiss!) and we wanted to give her a little something.

Today during our Reading Club I taught the kids how to use Chalk Pastels. I took pictures of them with their pictures for a future blog post. They insisted on taking a picture of me with my picture.

This would be the day I didn't wear make up. Somebody get that girl some eyebrows! And lipstick! I'm also wearing my Little Bro's old Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt. I don't even know how I got it. I only know he's not getting it back.

We had fun despite my non-existent eyebrows.

I will try and post a few more efforts in a day or so. I don't really have a plan for tomorrow's creative project.

If you have been swimming in a funk of watered down pudding I encourage you to  add something to your daily routine that while inspire or motivate you. Take a walk! Read something encouraging! Create something lovely!

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